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a tsukikage/kagetsuki fanfiction rec list! truly just personal preference here! i hope you enjoy them though ♡

this is NOT in order. i just compiled. no favoritism in this world, only tsukikage food

(i will add more recent ones when i get back to my reading groove. for now im still looking for the ones ive read to put them on here.)


if its a oneshot with 10k words up- its here. enjoy

  • Sticking Around by kakkoweeb
    • Connecting with a guy like Kageyama was going to be impossible, no matter how 'connected' they already were.
      • rated T ; oneshot; 24.1k words; soulmate AU
  • Push and Pull by aroceu
    • The one where Kageyama and Tsukishima can't be in different rooms if they don't want to die (or at least hurt each other), and Kageyama has feelings.
      • rated T ; oneshot; 11.2k words; soulbinding AU
  • reconcile by quietcactus
    • He didn’t play this hard for the sake of being noticed, but part of him wanted t...
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  • Some things don’t change but we never ... by notquiteintoxicated
    • Six years after graduating from Karasuno High School, Tsukishima works for a monthly sports magazine while Kageyama is the reclusive rising star of professional volleyball. When Kageyama’s rookie pro volleyball team wins the championship, Tsukishima is tasked to secure the interview with his former teammate.
      • rated T ; 32 chapters; 57.8k words; slow burn
  • A Party Song by allythecatx, crackpairingprincess
    • Tsukishima couldn’t make himself look away from Kageyama’s eyes. They were wide and blue and just so goddamn innocent it made Tsukishima’s heart thrum in his ears and before he had time to figure out exactly what he was doing, he had plucke...
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  • Dom for Hire AU by Hella_Queer
    • He assured himself that he was just looking it up to make sure it wasn't illegal or involved any unconsenting parties. That was his first mistake. His second: hiring Tsukishima Kei.
      • 4-part series; oneshot collection; 13.6k words; forniphilia, dom/sub
  • Sniped by MONANIK
    • ‘All my intel said you’re not meant to be back until next week and I’m sitting here using your flat as a sniper nest to kill a bad guy. This is awkward.’ AU (view link for full summary)
      • oneshot; 4k words; assassin!kageyama
  • don't bite your tongue by (orphaned account)
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  • soft sides by artenon
    • In which animals like Tsukishima but not Kageyama, it's raining, and there's a kitten.
      • oneshot; 1.7k words, fluff
  • all that matters by yxrtyu
    • How can one person just see right through him and see everything that Kei is, good and bad, and still love him? In which Tsukishima and Kageyama attempt to stare into each other's eyes for at least three minutes.
      • oneshot; 3k words; established relationship, poetry about eyes, hello im sold
  • Punch Your Lips by EzzyDean
    • "I’m sorry but I was told to punch you ...
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i hope this helped (sorta?)

if you liked any of these, and felt something within you stir, i encourage you to leave kudos and comments! itll make the authors day— maybe even their whole week, who knows!!

(and if you want more maybe, maybe you'd want to check out my fics, too? ahahshdahgdjsa)

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