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a tsukikage/kagetsuki fanfiction rec list! truly just personal preference here! i hope you enjoy them though ♡

this is NOT in order. i just compiled. no favoritism in this world, only tsukikage food

(i will add more recent ones when i get back to my reading groove. for now im still looking for the ones ive read to put them on here.)


if its a oneshot with 10k words up- its here. enjoy

  • Sticking Around by kakkoweeb
    • Connecting with a guy like Kageyama was going to be impossible, no matter how 'connected' they already were.
      • rated T; oneshot; 24.1k words; soulmate AU
  • Push and Pull by aroceu
    • The one where Kageyama and Tsukishima can't be in different rooms if they don't want to die (or at least hurt each other), and Kageyama has feelings.
      • rated T; oneshot; 11.2k words; soulbinding AU
  • reconcile by quietcactus
    • He didn’t play this hard for the sake of being noticed, but part of him wanted to be seen all the same.
      • rated T; oneshot; 21.5k words, no thoughts head empty
        • read the Lodestone series while youre at it
  • spaced out by tangerines
    • Captain Yamaguchi has this brilliant idea to partner up Tsukishima and Kageyama so that they'll get along well, and stop scaring the new first years. (And maybe with some hidden agendas.)
      • rated T; oneshot; 13.8k words, canon-compliant
  • call it silly, label it ours by vagarius
    • Kageyama lets out a laugh of his own. "I think," he says, to no one in particular, "This is why I insist on recording everything." or: a series of videos taken on kageyama's camera
      • rated T; oneshot; 10k words; slice of life
  • One by One by -catalyst
    • All Kei can think about are dinosaurs and Kageyama Tobio. Not to mention, Yamaguchi Tadashi is a little shit.
      • rated G; oneshot; 11.2k words
  • ive never made a bet but we gamble with desire by thatsformetoknow
    • Kei would have done anything to get out of the current situation he found himself in. On the floor of his bedroom, looking over Hinata and Kageyama’s shoulders as they struggled to complete the homework task that Kei had so easily explained to them and Yamaguchi and Yachi were sitting close by, not holding up their end of the deal.
      • rated E; oneshot, 14k words; kei uses sex to get over yamaguchi, but eventual romance i guess
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