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a tsukikage/kagetsuki fanfiction rec list! truly just personal preference here! i hope you enjoy them though ♡

this is NOT in order. i just compiled. no favoritism in this world, only tsukikage food

(i will add more recent ones when i get back to my reading groove. for now im still looking for the ones ive read to put them on here.)

  • soft sides by artenon
    • In which animals like Tsukishima but not Kageyama, it's raining, and there's a kitten.
      • oneshot; 1.7k words, fluff
  • all that matters by yxrtyu
    • How can one person just see right through him and see everything that Kei is, good and bad, and still love him? In which Tsukishima and Kageyama attempt to stare into each other's eyes for at least three minutes.
      • oneshot; 3k words; established relationship, poetry about eyes, hello im sold
  • Punch Your Lips by EzzyDean
    • "I’m sorry but I was told to punch you in the face. I don’t know why but they’re giving me 20$ to do this. If you can make a better offer I won’t do it tho." AU
      • oneshot; 1.5k words, humor
  • We Who Jump For Stars by tookumade
    • There’s something envious about the way Kageyama can say whatever’s on his mind. True, it hasn’t exactly made him lots of friends in the past, but then, neither has Tsukishima’s dishonesty. He’s not really sure which is the better option.
      • oneshot; 3k words; character study
  • by (orphaned account)
    • Kageyama gets stuck in a slide at the local park.
      • oneshot; 0.8k words; humor
  • seasons of love by parkers
    • two years and four seasons later, tsukishima and kageyama try to make something new.
      • oneshot; 2.3k words; second person POV; lapslock
  • to days past by bio_at
    • In their three years at Karasuno, things change.
      • oneshot; 6.4k words; pre-relationship; captain tsukishima kei
  • View From Under the Crown by EzzyDean
    • The day his teammates abandoned him, he had sat down with his journal spread open on his lap, sure he’d fill a dozen pages with the thoughts crowding in his mind... (view link for full summary)
      • oneshot; 3.1k words; kags waxing poetic about karasuno
  • In a blur by LazyButSmexy
    • Kei swallowed loudly and nodded a little as he stared at the floor. All this was so embarrassing, he couldn’t take it anymore, he needed to get into his house, into his room, into his bed, scream into his pillow and maybe die.
      • oneshot; 2.7k words; tsukki loses his glasses
  • cold hands, warm heart by shirohyasha
    • He’s not sure how they ended up at the same university, either. By all rights, they should have ended up in totally different universities, possibly at opposite ends of the country.
      • oneshot; 6.4k words; modeling AU
  • close your mouth and open up your heart by abeillle
    • the miyagi aquatic centre, contents: two (2) pools, shallow (4.5ft) and deep (9.5ft); one (1) sauna; two (2) dressing-rooms; three (3) hot tubs; & one (1) mermaid.
      • oneshot; 1.8k words; unrequited love; sugatsukki
  • closer than you think by eclipsed
    • the living area feels a little hollow. there's too much curry in the pot. but despite all of this, there are little things to look forward to.
      • oneshot; 0.7k words; future fic, lapslock
  • inked by thunderingskies
    • Kageyama tattoos Tsukishima, who just might be the most frustrating and rewarding client he's ever worked for.
      • oneshot; 2.8k words; tattoo shop AU
  • the minor fall, the major lift by keigeyama
    • There are many reasons why, even after all this time, Kei still chooses to play volleyball.
      • oneshot; 4.1k words; character study
  • sticky tape by lokh
    • in which tsukishima teaches tobio how to keep his hands safe and tobio is shocked that he's helping at all
      • oneshot; 2.4k words; finger-taping (hell yeah)
  • you're the straw to my berry by kagstsukki
    • Breakfast sounds really good right now, but he belatedly realizes he's only wearing pajamas under his jacket.
      • onseshot; 1.1k; established relationship; fluff
  • As Time Goes By by iamthefacebehindthemask
    • The tale of how two idiots chased each other over the course of fifteen years.
      • oneshot; 2.5k words
  • heart melting by Spring_Emerald
    • A story about an exiled king with a frozen heart and an unwitting villager who inadvertently warms it.
      • two-shot; 3.1k words; fairytale concept
  • Support by dboys
    • "You have a family that wants to support you and you don't want it..?"
      • oneshot; 1.1k words; hurt/comfort
  • you put the hot in hot chocolate by writedeku
    • Kageyama stumbles into a swanky new café in downtown Shinjuku, and meets the hottest (and pettiest) barista he's ever seen.
      • oneshot; 1.6k words; coffee shop AU
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