Habit is a powerful force we forget about until it’s turned against us. Be careful which ones you create.

You will remember the most embarrassing crap you do in your life forever and in perfect clarity. Everyone else will remember the kindest things you do. It all comes out in the wash.

You’re the only one who can let go of your grudges. It’s worth it, I promise. They’re not doing you any good.

Doing the good, brave, kind things can feel silly if you let your internal critic get in the way. Reminder: No one else can hear that guy.

I can count on one hand the number of times putting out negativity has brought me back something worthwhile and even when it works it feels terrible.

Want to be better-liked immediately? Today? Right now? Use people’s names. Ask more questions. Make the person you’re t...

jul 8 2018 ∞
jan 2 2019 +
  • see the northern lights
  • go to a lgbt parade
  • get a new job and save money (at least $100 per month)
  • finish all levels of ttmik (0/9)
  • donate blood more often
  • get into college
  • overcome my fear of driving?
  • get a new tattoo
  • learn how to bake/cook
  • volunteer work
  • visit another country
  • go camping
  • learn how to play the ukulele or saxophone
  • learn tap dance
  • succeed at keeping a bullet journal
  • declutter my living space
apr 23 2018 ∞
jun 30 2020 +
  • carol by patricia highsmith
  • the hate u give by angie thomas
  • a trip to the stars by nicholas christopher
  • amora by natalia borges polesso
  • the left hand of darkness by ursula k. le guin
  • the golden compass by philip pullman
  • kafka on the shore by haruki murakami
apr 23 2018 ∞
jul 20 2018 +
  • 7 habits of highly effective people by stephen covey
  • the life-changing magic of tidying up by marie kondo
  • the subtle art of not giving a fuck by mark manson
  • quiet: the power of introverts by susan cain
  • the book of awakening by mark nepo
  • what now? meditation for your twenties and beyond by yael shy
apr 22 2018 ∞
jul 11 2018 +