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dumping all my favorite fics and aus here because i'd like to think i have some things organized when in reality, my whole life's a fucking mess :D

@tsukikkage chaptered fics (of varying ratings, once again)
thats it!
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some of my favorite (fem/gn) reader insert fics on tumblr !!!

bang chan

  • eight seconds by loveseungs | 8.8k | chef/ceo au ; fluff
    • bang chan, a chef at a famous, hole-in-the-wall, michelin star restaurant, cannot believe his poor little eyes that this certain woman in the grocery has nothing but instant food in her basket.
  • priceless [one, two] by luvknow | two-part series ; 26.7k | rich kid au ; fluff, angst
    • lucky you, you fall for the rich and powerful bang chan that every woman has their eyes on and he likes you back! but you get a taste of the luxurious life they all live in and you realize that someone like you isn't mean to be with someone like him.
  • when the clocks stop ticking by chaninfused | 13.6k | time travel au ; fluff, angst
    • "time traveler's rule number one: never get attached to people, places, or things. never."
  • turn me (inside and out) by dreaminghaos | 9.9k | college au ; fluff
    • chan thought he knew what it feels like to be in love. but now he watches you crouched down in the middle of a house party, surrounded by booze and screaming college students, bent over a game of monopoly and looking like you’re about to make the most important decision of your life, and just like that he realizes he had no idea. his heart lurches, his palms are sweaty, and oh. okay. so that’s what it feels like.
  • forever the name on your lips by skydivingstars | 3.4k | soulmate au, true name au ; fluff, slight angst
    • when this boy is much too sure that you are his soul mate but saying his real name could either prove he’s right or kill him.

lee minho

  • a fairytale that lasts by jeonginks | 13.7 | fluff, angst
    • after sticking up to the girl that minho and his friends placed a bet on, minho thought it would be nice to talk to you, and guess what? he is right.
  • youngblood by changbeanie | 17.4k | college au ; fluff, angst
    • lee minho crashes at your apartment four out of seven days in a week, but you're the one crashing for him.
  • love equation by hanjisungz | 11.5k | college au ; fluff, slight angst
    • minho’s ideas were dangerous but of course, as his best friend, you went along with them all. this one, however, could be dangerous for you. specifically your heart.

seo changbin

  • how to tame a prince by luvknow | 11.6k | dragon fantasy/royal au ; fluff, angst
    • you travel the world collecting data so you could write your thesis on your favorite creatures - dragons. at the last leg of your journey, you accidentally fall asleep in a dragon's cave owned by a nearby kingdom and are kidnapped by their prince, seo changbin. after getting permission to study there from the king, changbin refuses to leave you alone with his precious dragons and you develop an unlikely relationship.
  • penny for your thoughts? by hanjisungz | 28.2k | hogwarts au ; fluff, slow burn
    • perhaps staying behind for christmas break would be good. you could get a lot of studying in for owls and since you were alone, you wouldn’t get distracted… except you weren’t alone.
  • bad boy by maatryoshkaa | 3.3k | bad boy au, high school au ; fluff
    • trouble comes in the form of neck tattoos, lip rings, and seo changbin, the school bad boy who, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to stay away from.
  • tutti frutti by jeonginify | 8.8k | fluff, college au, friends to lovers au
    • changbin says i love you in many ways. much to his chagrin, you never notice any of them. alternatively, a love story told in five fruit puns.

hwang hyunjin

  • amortentia by minniewoos | series (ongoing) | hogwarts au ; fluff, angst
    • hyunjin was conceived under the effects of a love potion, making it impossible for him to experience love. but you try your hardest anyway. and you kinda succeed.
  • bits of stardust by jeonginks | 16.8k | historical au ; fluff, angst
    • traveling back in time is fun, especially when hyunjin wants to know all about modern day life.
  • sincerely, hwang hyunjin by luvknow | 6.5k | ceo/assistant au, fake dating au ; fluff
    • being the company's youngest ceo of one of the top soju brands in the country does not get easier as the days pass. you're forever thankful for your assistant, hwang hyunjin, who knows everything about you and what it takes to keep your head on your shoulders.
  • clover prince by chaninfused | 25.7k | royal au ; fluff, angst
    • "my girl, there is nothing more prideful than holding a sword, and there is nothing more honorable than knowing how to protect your land with it." — when two assassination attempts fail, royals of longtime rival kingdoms find themselves stuck with each other and unlikely friendships begin to bloom in that dreary land of betrayal.
  • dream the night away by kim-seungmine | 11.6k | idol verse au ; romance, angst
    • one night, hyunjin wonders how he long can stay floating on cloud 9 before he loses his balance and falls all the way down to the pits of hell. after that, nothing feels right.
  • dead loss by 441ot9 | 7.7k | delinquent au ; fluff, angst
    • life was an exhausting and pointless ride for hyunjin, but you managed to make it a little more bearable while you could.

han jisung

  • young god by maatryoshkaa | series (ongoing) | serial killer au ; angst, thriller, romance
    • when your best friend felix sets you up on a blind date with adorable medical student han jisung, you find yourself falling for his sweet words and dark eyes, and the even darker secrets he hides behind his charming, angelic smile.
  • academic by lveletters | 9.4k | college au ; fluff, minor angst
    • you are a perpetually tired and stressed out college student. jisung is jisung… and just wants to see you happy.
  • the happiest by jeonginks | 14.4k | soulmate au ; fluff, angst
    • jisung was your soulmate, and you lied to him about it. but of course, like most stories, your lie doesn’t get to last long.
  • for my great friend, you [one, two] by jeonginks | two-part series ; 37.8k | action, thriller, a hint of romance, angst
    • hell week, or so-called as the idol purge week, is coming up. and stray kids hired an assassin to be one of their bodyguards through out this hellish week. jisung, particularly, seemed to have developed some interest in this assassin.
  • kingpin by luvknow | 15k | hitman au ; romance, angst
    • your dad, kingpin of a secret drug cartel, hires a hitman slash bodyguard named jisung so both yours and his life are well-protected. you find your life is a little more exciting with jisung around, but not always in the best way.
  • candles in the sky by chaninfused | 16.6k | warrior au ; fluff, angst
    • "this is who you were; warriors adorned in gold and red. warriors hardened by the roughest hand. warriors who knew nothing but the cold iron and the dry desert."
  • back to me by missinghan | 12.6k | dynasty au ; angst, fluff
    • you were supposed to avenge the fallen by taking the crown prince’s life but one wrong tug from fate and all your effort has gone to waste.
  • give my heart a chance by kim-seungmine | 6.9k | college au ; fluff, light angst
    • you and jisung have these theories about love, and there’s only one way to prove yourselves right: testing them on each other.
  • better off dead (i'll be juliet) by mirohed | 10.5k | zombie apocalypse au ; fluff, angst
    • you used to think that zombies weren’t a realistic sort of monster—not as real as climate change or capitalism, anyway. they were better suited to being enjoyed from the comfort of your couch as you curled up with a bag of chips on a friday night. this, of course, all changes the night you get that fateful emergency alert.
  • eight words by basicallywhiterice | 8.5k | enemies to lovers au ; fluff, a smide of angst
    • sure, one could tell someone they loved them with eight letters. but eight words convey deeper, more complex meanings.

lee felix

  • the scent of lavender ft. kim seungmin by jeonginks | 27k | werewolf au ; romance, friendship
    • and here is what happens when you ditch class to head into the woods because your best friend suspects he has magical powers and you both pulled a werewolf from the ground.
  • dull blood by chaninfused | 26.8k | modern fantasy au ; fluff, angst
    • “they were victims yet they were probably the strongest people you’ve ever met.” — in which the oddities of imperii al ordines team up to bring down their city’s despicable leaders.
  • hero's soup for the weak soul by luvknow | 11.8k | superhero au, college au ; fluff, light angst
    • you find yourself stuck trying to get your friendship with a flaky felix back to what it used be. on the way, you meet a strange and familiar friend who happens to be a superhero. did i mention he's kind of hot?
  • virtually yours by dalamjisung | 4.4k | online strangers to lovers au ; fluff
    • how long until you two finally realize? you were bound to meet.

kim seungmin

  • the scent of lavender ft. lee felix by jeonginks | 27k | werewolf au ; romance, friendship
    • and here is what happens when you ditch class to head into the woods because your best friend suspects he has magical powers and you both pulled a werewolf from the ground.
  • clichés don't matter by jeonginks | 19k | best friends to lovers au ; fluff, angst
    • best friends argue from time to time. the good thing is that they tend to stick back together at the end.
  • sundial by luvknow | 9.6k | friends to strangers to lovers au ; fluff, light angst
    • you're in love with seungmin at the wrong time.
  • the time is now by kim-seungmine | 7.9k | rich kid au, mafia au ; romance
    • you and seungmin spent years pushing each other away, only to be confronted by your biggest fears when you finally decided to stop running away.

yang jeongin

  • birds of paradise by chaninfused | 19.4k | fantasy au ; fluff, angst
    • “caeliterre will live. wings must adapt to the wind. it’s called staying alive.” — in which the few remaining fae fight and fail, love and lose, but embrace the wind.
  • heroine addict by luvknow | 8k | superhero au, college au ; fluff
    • yang jeongin is failing his journalism classes and needs an article of the century to bring his grade up. when the city's heroine saves his life, he thinks a biography about you is just the topic to save him from failing. when you don't agree to an interview, jeongin ends up risking his life daily just so he can see you. one of these days you'll say yes to him (you do).
  • jackfruit stars and mango moons by jeonginify | 2k | angst, break up au
    • you were jeongin’s sun and moon, his sky and sea, his beginning and end… until you weren’t. you’re the question he spends seven months pondering, only to find that the answer was in front of him the entire time.

kim woojin

  • easily by luvknow | 6.1k | convenience store au ; fluff, light angst
    • when the owner of the convenience store below your apartment loves your little sister as much as you do, you realize falling for him was just too easy.
  • see saw by dreaminghaos | 13.3k | hockey player/figure skater au ; angst, fluff
    • you’ve been holding onto this for so long, you realize, a part of you is terrified of letting it go. when you live with pain for long enough, you learn to love it.
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