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dumping all my favorite fics and aus here because i'd like to think i have some things organized when in reality, my whole life's a fucking mess :D

@tsukikkage chaptered fics (of varying ratings, once again)
thats it!
rated T
rated M or E
rated G
  • uv au by @KlNGDAIKI | tsukikage | fil
    • kung saan makakatabi ni lasallian!tsukki si thomasian!kags sa uv
  • Hello? by @NiinaLovesMoon | tsukikage | eng
    • A TsukiKage zombie apocalypse AU where Kei decides to message random numbers in hopes of reaching someone.*
  • Hello, it says by @NiinaLovesMoon | kageyama-centric | eng
    • An epilogue to Hello?
    • What was Kageyama Tobio's side of the story?
  • MAGKASUYO by @aobaseijoh | oikuroo | fil
    • sex brings people together and feelings set them apart. that should be the case for oikawa tooru and kuroo tetsurou. finding a constant in a casual relationship? are they even equipped to make it last?
  • iwaoi socmed au by @johsaicult | iwaoi | fil
    • in which oikawa starts using his ex’s spotify account bc he’s too broke to pay for a subscription of his own. when iwaizumi notices, they start making playlists to provoke each other.
  • my best friend's wedding by @ACEDP0RTGAS | kagehina | fil
    • Best friends, Kageyama and Hinata, promised to marry each other if they hadn’t found anyone in 10 years. Days before their promise hit the 10 year mark, Kageyama calls him, and he has something to say.
  • osaaka socmed au by @K0UROO | osaaka | fil
    • because of a twitter game, akaashi got to know the person who hates him but he never expected it would be osamu; the person he likes the most.
  • to all the boys i've loved before by @keijitrash | sakuatsu | fil
    • atsumu writes letters to all the people he's fallen for throughout his life. but for all of them to be mailed out? no - that wasn't part of any plan.
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