• Go on walks with my phone turned off ; alone or not but get outside more - wip + i've been biking a lot lately and it's awesome (i can't listen to music, can't be on my phone. It helps).
  • Try a new sport, no deadlines just get myself to try something new > It's pilate and i love it, can't wait to go back next week.
  • Plan that trip to Amsterdam- (went to the UK instead, as awesome, loved it, need to go back)
  • Do more vĂ©lotaf (June goal)
  • Get into more challenging physical exercises - more regularly
    • 21/50 km on bike in Brussels - fell and stopped
  • Work a daily manageable routine out
    • Need to realise it's not all right and perfect or nothing. Doing as much as i can ever if it's not in the perfect order is okay and not an excuse to say fuck it, it's ruined anayway !
mar 18 2016 ∞
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