like my study list, this is made for me but i am more than happy for people to use it as they wish :) basically, it's just a giant list of positive activities to do, many of which are good for anxiety relief and general wellbeing. some of them are obvious, others not so much. some are distractions from negative thoughts, others are relaxations.. you get the drift!

  • breathe - in through the nose, out through the mouth
  • tapping
  • write a list of every sound you hear in a day
  • read a book, magazine or newspaper
  • go for a light walk around your neighbourhood
  • sketch aimlessly
  • play with a pet/animal that is not dangerous
  • write about anything and everything that ...
mar 4 2014 ∞
mar 13 2014 +
  • take the hint - if someone doesn't make an effort with me, they probably aren't worth the time. don't always be the one to progress friendships; allow space for you to figure out whether they actually care, and give them time to show their worth.
  • don't get so cut up about being replaced or excluded - would I really want to be around someone that does that? chances are I'm not missing anything anyway.
  • don't disregard first impressions - yes, they can often be wrong, but pisces are naturally perceptive (and even psychic to a degree) so if I get a bad vibe from someone, it's possible that it's for a reason.
  • confidence doesn't stem from compliments - even if it seems as though no one really cares, I can still feel confident in myself and know that my efforts to succeed ...
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