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  • 5'1"
  • forgetful
  • feminist
  • i feel uncomfortable easily
  • quiet
  • hate the feeling of being forgot by someone
  • i cry when im nervous
  • i cry when im angry
  • i cry when i feel anxious
  • i hate when people see me cry
  • love classical ballet (i wish i had taken classes when i was younger)
  • constantly want to show how much i love someone (friends, family, etc)
  • always try to be friends with everyone, but i don't tolerate rudeness or people who think they're better than the others
  • i dont understand racism
  • classic music fan
  • i have a constant wish for helping people, in any way
  • im not a open person, im very reserved and i try to keep the most things to myself
  • shy
  • wallflower (so lame)
  • nostalgic
jul 9 2013 ∞
jun 29 2014 +