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the moon is dark, and the gods dance in the night; there is terror in the sky, for upon the moon hath sunk an eclipse foretold in no books of men or of earth's gods

eve follows:
atlas music (sound of summer)
about me (atlas)
writing (wips)
lois life (in pattaya)
about me (general)
  • stoker (2013) dir. park chan-wook
  • mullholland drive (2001) dir. david lynch
  • the mummy (1999) dir. stephen sommers
  • wuthering heights (2011) dir. andrea arnold
  • anastasia (1997) dir. don bluth/gary goldman
  • the handmaiden (2016) dir. park chan-wook
  • moonlight (2016) dir. barry jenkins
  • hellyboy ii: the golden army (2008) dir. guillermo del toro
  • twin peaks: fire walk with me (1992) dir. david lynch
  • clueless (1995) dir. amy heckerling
  • crimson peak (2015) dir. guillermo del toro
  • watership down (1978) dir. martin rosen/john hubley
  • scream (1996) dir. wes craven
  • hoje eu quero voltar sozinho (2014) dir. daniel ribeiro
  • sinbad: legend of the seven seas (2003) dir. tim johnson/patrick gilmore
  • mr. and mrs. smith (2005) dir. doug liman
  • all about eve (1950) dir. joseph l. mankiewicz
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