Aquarius Sun

  • Refusing to follow the crowd
  • Intellectual independence - liberal and progressive, yet fixed
  • Unpredictable and contradictory
  • Loyal but detached, friendly but aloof, outgoing but loves alone time, equally enjoys travel and time alone
  • Teller of truth and wisdom
  • Seeker of knowledge and breadth of vision, interested particularly in the unusual
  • Objective in judgment
  • Sometimes distrustful of emotion
  • Great at dealing with people and personalities from all walks of life
  • Strong belief in the right to be yourself, for yourself and others
  • Future-oriented
  • Great at plotting up ideas and dreams, but not as into the hard work to make it happen
  • Inflater of your own importance
  • Easily intellectually bored - can lead to being argumentative

Capricorn Moon

Leo Rising

oct 4 2018 ∞
nov 30 2019 +