• The Mama at Chow inviting me to sit with their family and giving me a mom hug
  • That group at table three having me say a prayer with them
  • Going to Share Your Flair at the Slackline Compound, running into people I know, and seeing two guys from the party the next morning after work because apparently one of them lives behind Chow
  • Sitting on the big couch with Meg and Emily at Share Your Flair and Meg telling me it's amazing how much I've tapped into the community in such a short time
  • Katelyn at the People's Apothecary saying "let me know if you need any help - but I know you know your way around this shop" and the next time saying "wait...you've only been here for three months?"
  • Jason at Palate telling me it feels like I’ve been here forever
  • Running into Nicholas at Dudley's while I wait for Aleh
  • Running into Austin, the barista at Dudley's, at game night with Maxwell
  • Helen putting a newcomer to yoga altogether right next to me in class, saying he can watch what I do
  • Staying up until 4am talking on Christmas Eve with Puma, Andrew, Emily, Lalee, and Meg
  • Having Emily spend the night on my bedroom floor the next night
  • Moving into a place with people who I met organically (as opposed to Craigslist) and wanted to tribe with
  • Signing a lease
  • Chopping firewood
  • The woman who runs the Root Cellar delivering broth to my house
  • The UPS man waving at me while driving by
  • Realizing I've hiked the whole River Trail from Benham Falls to Meadow Camp
dec 30 2019 ∞
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