• Octopi
  • Signs advertising a gluten-free product but discovering that said gluten-free product is not actually there
  • Having a cough
  • Group work
  • Rough cut edges on books
  • When you're walking perpendicular to diagonally parked cars
  • Miso soup
  • Olives
  • When people get mad when you don't say hi to them or even see them
  • When people turn down the music in the car to talk and then don't turn it back up
  • Looking for parking spaces
  • Choosing shoe sizes
  • Asking Lavran questions
  • Being pee shy
  • Getting my hair wet in the shower but not washing it
  • Not being able to tell what a small child is saying, only that it's really, really important
  • Strobe lights
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user picture Zuzanna: olives are sooo awful :( mar 14 2017