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social media sucks right now, that's why i suck girl cock and speed in school zones in my spare time now.

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this gets its own shitlist because i love being annoying and talking about my views on things. if you disagree then we can discuss it i love you

  • main points
    • to reiterate, im very critical of my interests. like very very. do i even have to say this like are there people out there that blindly consume and enjoy things with no qualms whatsoever. i could complain forever about genshin or danganronpa or omori or anything really. and i will. not everything is black and white or whateverrr.
    • i generally keep my opinions and "hot takes" or whatever to myself or inner circles because discourse is tiring and i'm bad at putting things into words. dont expect me to talk about any discourse, especially if it's something i can't speak on or just not educated enough to talk about
      • adding onto this, i don't vague people or vaguetweet about others, especially where they can see it. if you do something that upsets me i will do one of three things (in order of preference). 1) scroll past with a big frown on my face 2) discuss it or 3) block and cut you off. likewise i implore you to talk to me directly if i upset you in any way. i know i present myself as an eccentric online but i truly do wish for peace and harmony and such.
      • also i generally dont step in to correct misinformation unless i'm personally involved or invested. this is because i believe people will come to their own conclusions and realizations after deeper thinking and research. also im lazy
    • i dont care about ship discourse but i think that child x adult ships are weird and incest is gross even if fictional. age-gaps between consenting adults dont bother me, but i find age gaps between minors bigger than 3 years a bit weird. dont put it on my timeline please. anything else i'm generally ambivalent towards and dont give a fuck about.
    • if you shit yourself over lgbt+ or pronoun headcanons i will find you annoying. "this one is canon" "no THIS one is" SHUT UP!! SHUT THE FUCK UP WHO CARES
      • this is especially true for people that end up being biphobic in their lgbt+ headcanons. i promise you the bi4bi het pairing will not hurt you
    • if you are a lolicon/shotacon you are a pedophile
    • i pour my milk before my cereal
  • genshin impact (yes this gets its own section) (im not even into genshin that much anymore i just didnt wanna delete this section that i wrote 2 years ago)
    • i personally dont think the traveler (genshin impact) is a minor. if you see them as a minor good for you but i really dont care. you cant really change my mind either but i can dm you if you really wanna know i guess?
    • I have traveler ships (mainly xiao ayaka arlecchino and heizou) and i see whoever im shipping traveler with as adults on equal footing so if that bothers you thennnnn sorry i guess.
    • i dont like kaeya x diluc, i see them as brothers or at the very least with a familial bond like albedo and klee
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