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social media sucks right now, that's why i suck girl cock and speed in school zones in my spare time now.


social media sorted in order of most used to least used

misc sites. also sorted in most to least used.

discord is reqons feel free to add/follow me, just give me a heads-up before you do since i'm bad at recognizing people if we haven't been talking to each other for...

nov 26 2021 ∞
jun 26 2023 +

this section is very mucho texto, apologies. TL;DR dont be a FREAK.

  • dont follow if
    • under 16
    • proshipper/comshipper/profic Whatever
    • transmed/truscum
    • anti neopronouns/xenogenders
    • all the other basic shit (no nazis pedos cryptos fash bigots lgbtphobes right-wingers whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

im not gonna argue or debate anything here just fock off..

  • before you follow
    • i have little to no filter, and it will show. i post whatever comes to mind and treat social media like my own personal diary. do not follow me solely for one thing unless you a) want to be my friend or b)...
dec 1 2019 ∞
may 28 2023 +
  • jordan
    • nicknames include jordgan, jorban, jord, get the point.
  • 20 years old (7/15/2003)
  • 170cm / 5'7" 45kg / 99lbs
  • s.e. asian (filipino)
  • american californian (PST) (going to hell when i die)
  • autistic + unlisted mental stuff. sorry if im weird. be nice.
  • ae/aer pronouns (-:
    • if you can't use neos for whatever reason 1) die 2) i also use they/them or he/him
    • any gendered terms are fine i dont prefer one or the other. trans-misogyny exempt.
  • typology + personality
oct 4 2019 ∞
aug 17 2023 +

this gets its own shitlist because i love being annoying and talking about my views on things. if you disagree then we can discuss it i love you

  • main points
    • to reiterate, im very critical of my interests. like very very. do i even have to say this like are there people out there that blindly consume and enjoy things with no qualms whatsoever. i could complain forever about genshin or danganronpa or omori or anything really. and i will. not everything is black and white or whateverrr.
    • i generally keep my opinions and "hot takes" or whatever to myself or inner circles because discourse is tiring and i'm bad at putting things into words. dont expect me to talk about any discourse, especially if it's something i can't speak on or...
may 28 2023 ∞
may 28 2023 +