this section is very mucho texto, apologies. TL;DR dont be a FREAK.

  • dont follow if
    • under 16
    • proshipper/comshipper/profic Whatever
    • transmed/truscum
    • anti neopronouns/xenogenders
    • all the other basic shit (no nazis pedos cryptos fash bigots lgbtphobes right-wingers whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

im not gonna argue or debate anything here just fock off..

  • before you follow
    • i have little to no filter, and it will show. i post whatever comes to mind and treat social media like my own personal diary. do not follow me solely for one thing unless you a) want to be my friend or b) like seeing my thoughts
    • i wont interact if you kin/id/da charles eyler (hello charlotte). it's nothing personal. sorry
    • dont put untagged transphobia, annoying discourse, obvious bait, or callouts on minors(-17) on my feed, i'd really rather not see that.
    • im not in any fandom, (but i will make mutuals that may belong in specific fandoms/communities! i like seeing my interests on my timeline lol.) i generally interact with anyone
    • dm / call me out if im genuinely mistaken, misinformed, etc.
      • im mentally ill + autistic, i dont always know if i did something wrong unless you tell me. so tell me. if i cross any boundaries do let me know as well. i genuinely never mean any harm and usually i'm not aware of something until it's brought up to me!
    • im hypercritical of my interests. (do i even have to say that?)
    • i like interacting with my mutuals!! i dont have a preference on how to interact, but i'm not the best at 1-on-1 convos u_u
    • I HAVE A LOT OF PEOPLE BLOCKED ON TWITTER(280k+ and counting) AND I USUALLY DON'T REMEMBER WHY!!! if you wanna be unblocked tell me here. if you have a problem with anything i do ever you can also go there and complain.
dec 1 2019 ∞
may 28 2023 +