i used listrography for the last time 3 years ago and reading all those things again made me think about how i've grown since then. there was a list called "things i want to learn" whith "acordeon" and "all the brazilian anthems" written. honestly what the fuck i was thinking?? i mean i know i've changed but for sure i've never wanted to learn these things so why i did it? why i wanted so bad to even put it in a list here? the only explanation that comes to my mind is that i wanted to be different bc my bf was. i wasn't trying to copy her or something like that, i had my own personality but she was like a role model for me, that i remember very clearly. she still is today but in a very different way, i think i was just trying to walk with her (i even did this profile) unconsciously bc we basically raised each other's mind. anyway this isn't a bad thing, just funny. funny bc this changed so much in 3 years. today i express myself more and think about if doing something is really what i want, which is good. i'm more independent of everybody that i like without having to move them away. that's nice. i've grown. well done me.

jan 7 2016 ∞
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