The party is over, time to go. Spinning light, the music dies, you never showed. I'm losing all my senses every night. Darlin’, don't you know that I die every night for you?. And I don't want to want somebody new. I cry for you, I die for you.

I know you are watching this checking on me to see if I´m happy without you. You always said I will be. You said a lot of things to make me love you to make me hate you. I lost who I was trying to keep you. Moving on doesn't mean I forgotten, doesn't arraise what we had. It just hurt lees when I remember. But yeah, I am happier and ironically that kind of makes me sad.

Everybody has a story to tell, but not everybody wants to listen, I want to listen.

You fill me with doubt You tear me down you turn me inside out. I hate the pain but I like how nothing feels the same.

Mantener el calor en un lugar que procura con todas sus fuerzas volverte frio. P.25

Siempre dudando entre si deberia salvar el mundo o salvarme de el.

jul 16 2022 ∞
oct 1 2022 +