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ps.: a maioria das fics que eu coloco aqui são as que eu acho que as pessoas podem gostar de ler. as que eu considero boas estão marcadas com estrelinhas e as minhas personal favorites tem corações ao lado.

  • like everything glows ★♡♡ (180k; merman jimin; aquatic veterinarian jungkook; emotional hurt/comfort; explicit. this is so so so cute i cried almost every chapter i love this so much)
  • park jimin's guide to good housekeeping ★♡♡ (235k; magic; mythical beings and creatures; enemies to friends to lovers; jungkook is a brat; sassy park jimin; explicit. i loved every second of it, wish i could forget to read again)
  • we kiss like lovers and laugh like best friends ★ (67k; high shcool/university; friends to lovers; consensual underage sex; fluff)
  • ocean eyes (49k; college au; angst; pining; unrequited love; explicit)
  • picture not perfect (50k; enemies to lovers; fluff; angst (?); sexuality crisis)
  • settlement (124k; enemies to lovers; they're both lawyers; fluff; unhelthy coping mechanisms; angst?; explicit)
  • bliss behind the burn (398k; hurt/comfort; misunderstandings; mental health issues; heavy angst; jealousy; happy ending; explicit)
  • through the lens (75k; enemies to lovers; actors; making out; fluff and crack; explicit)
  • what's a soul really worth, anyway? (130k; demon jimin; witch jungkook; sexual tension; bts coven; angst?; fluff; explicit)
  • the scent of lemons (17k; enemies to friends to lovers; farmer jimin; artist jungkook; light angst; pining; explicit)
  • nemesis (84k; enemies to lovers; office romance; rivalry; mutual pining)
  • black swan (24k; dancer park jimin; make up artist jungkook; humor; making out; idiots; awkward flirting; explicit)
  • common ground ★♡ (on going; 147k; enemies to lovers; caretaking; miscommunication; heavy angst; explicit)
  • controversy ★ (76k; rival families; denial of feelings; chaebol jimin; chaebol jungkook; explicit)
  • death by a thousand cuts +taehyung( 22k; polyamory; hurt/comfort; pining, misunderstandings; happy ending; explicit)
  • coup de foudre (63k; fluff and angst; strangers to lovers; coming out; intern jungkook; chief director jimin; explicit)
  • wonder ★♡ (7k; i hate everything about this. beautiful and sad. don't read)
  • drop like confetti ★♡ (110k; ceo jungkook; student jimin; age difference; age swap; strangers to lovers)
  • what it feels like +taehyung (7.3k; polyamory; fluff; love confessions)
  • walking through a world gone blind (68k; strangers to lovers; fluff and smut; blind character; light dom/sub, explicit)
  • sweet words and fevers (214k; enemies to lovers; they are both journalists; investigation; gangs; organized crime; violence)
  • fold it up like origami (99k; gamer jungkook; model jimin; strangers to lovers; secret relantionship; anxiety attacks; jungkook is shy and a sweetheart; fluff; explicit)
  • hearts can heal ★ (6.9k; fluff; christmas fluff; strangers to lovers)
  • deadly match (225k; enemies to lovers; angst; morally ambiguous character; college; dancers; gangs; explicit)
  • fools game (73k; childhood friends; enemies to lovers; misunderstandings; hate sex; explicit)
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