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ps.: a maioria das fics que eu coloco aqui são as que eu acho que as pessoas podem gostar de ler. as que eu considero boas estão marcadas com estrelinhas e as minhas personal favorites tem corações ao lado.

listography TERMS
  • a man's morality ★♡♡♡ (the saddest and most beautiful thing i've ever read.) (81k; enemies to friends to lovers; cheating; heavy angst; 19th century; homophobia; explicit)
  • mudlands and yellow acacia ★♡♡ (52k; strangers to lovers; fluff; first love; 1990s; mixtapes; secret admirer; angst with a happy ending; explicit)
  • even the weariest river ★♡ (152k; enemies to friends to lovers; slow burn; heavy angst; historical fantasy; they're both princes; graphic violence; familial abuse; happy ending; explicit)
  • all of your sides are good (16k; friends to lovers; mutual pining;fluff; canon compliant (?); explicit)
  • ask me anything (31k; friends to lovers; sexting; canon compliant; explicit)
  • busan boys (62k; enemies to lovers; drugs; slut shaming; mild angst?? idk it was ok for me; high school; explicit)
  • call me whenever you want me (23k; phone sex; fluff; friends with ben...
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feb 17 2022 +
  • reprise (17k; past live au; major character death; implied suicide; sad ending)
  • the dom awekening of park jimin (4k; established relationship; fluff and smut; dom/sub. explicit... duh)
  • with arms unfolding (11k; artist tae; curator jimin; friends to lovers; mutual pining)
  • want you in my room (6k; stripper park jimin; but its soft; one night stand but not really??)
  • lost and found (73k; circus au; aerialist jimin; tiger master tae; hints of magic; explicit)
  • safe and sound (sequence to safe and sound. 9k; parents vmin; porn with feelings; weddings)
  • like and ancient sun (10k; canon divergence; pwp honestly but its fun)
  • your eyes tell (110k; soulmate marks; soul bond; blind tae; minor character death; grief/mourning; angst)
  • if hell is other people (81k; the good place au; afterlife; implied/referenced alcohol abuse/alcoholism; jimin does'nt like taehyung at first; angst; fluff; soulmates.. sort of)
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╰ yoonkook:

    • run this town (series; stripper jungkook; businessman yoongi; slightly widened age gap)
    • strawberries & cigarettes★ (129k; fluff; mutual pining; pet names; bad boy yoongi; baby boy jungkook; virginity; loss of virginity; explicit)

╰ yoonmin:

    • ukiyo (410k; drug lord yoongi; succubus jimin; urban fantasy; gang world; shibari; heavy angst; gunplay; past abuse)
    • cotton candy★♡ (240k; high shcool; rock band; 90s; drummer yoongi; vocalist jimin; mutual pining; loss of virginity; fluff; coming out; discovering sexuality; blossoming young love)
    • it's bad enough we get along so well (35k; friends with benefits; explicit)

╰ taegi:

mar 5 2021 ∞
feb 17 2022 +
  • misconceptions (9k; taehyung thinks jimin has a daddy kink; explicit)
  • morning, noon, and night (14k; fluff; strangers to friends to lovers; misunderstandings; light angst)
  • oh he's a knockout (24k; frenemies to lovers; they make a bet; humor; explicit)
  • paint ★ (74k; drag jimin; humor; light angst; explicit)
  • playing with fire (30k; enemies to lovers; actor tae; dancer jimin; falling in love; flirting)
  • ring the changes (45k; friends to somewhat strangers to lovers; minor jihope; unrequited love; jimin is a huge ass; angst with a happy ending; explicit)
  • rumor has it (6k; harry potter au; slytherin jimin; hufflepuff tae; explicit)
  • setting in a honeymoon (15k; hurt/comfort; smut with plot; lingeries; pining; friends to lovers (?); explicit)
  • shared spaces (30k; college au; there’s only one bad :o ; strangers to lovers; explicit)
dec 18 2020 ∞
jan 6 2021 +
  • the only one who makes me (8k; friends with benefits; rival fraternities; explicit)
  • 102 (31k; 90s; high school au; underage smoking; coming of age; friends to lovers; homophobia; mutual pining; explicit)
  • all i want for christmas is >not< you (112k; enemies to lovers; christmas au; a lot of snow; oblivious park jimin)
  • the losing game (on going 158k; assassins/hitmen vmin; lovers to enemies; violence; partner betrayl; aftermath of torture; gun violence; jimin fakes his death) ★
feb 17 2022 ∞
dec 7 2022 +
  • love i have wounds★ (79k; angst; loneliness; fluff; artist tae; photographer kook; explicit)
  • bloom★(158k; friends to lovers; friends with benefits; pining; light dom/sub; explicit; angst)
  • comeback kids (34k; hockey; hate to love; recreational drug use; explicit)
  • trouvaille★♡ (on going; 153k; complicated relationships; hidden relationship; angsty jungkook; conversations; artist tae; swimmer kook)
  • that thing you did, do it again(41k; sexual exploration; roommates; internalized homophobia; explicit)
  • aeipathy (51k; babysitter tae; dad kook; age swap; fluff; explicit)
  • refrigerator humming, chewing gum and in... (61k; babysitter tae; mob boss jungkook; age swap; age gap; gang; crack au)
  • eletric together (100k; escort tae; rich jungkook; fake relationship; referencered drug use; mild angst; explicit)
  • mileage may vary (80k; stripper jungkook; age difference;...
mar 22 2021 ∞
feb 17 2022 +
  • make it to me (51k; enemies to lovers (not really); homophobia; rich jungkook; tae does not give a shit that he's rich; explicit)
  • salt & ice (101k 8/11; age difference; aged-up taehyung; grad student jungkook; investment banker taehyung; he's rich; strangers to lovers; friends with benefits)
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feb 17 2022 +

╰ seventeen:

    • gay chicken★ > jeongcheol (it got deleted... guys i'm so sad)
    • no strings attached★ > soonhoon (78k; friends with benefits; slow burn (?); denial of feelings; explicit)
    • yours truly, jihoon★ > soonhoon (74k; fake relationship; fluff; very very cute; inspired in 'to all the boys i've loved before')
    • keep me, then★ > soonwoo (14k; fuckbuddies; emotional constipation; oblivious hoshi; confident gay wonwoo; humor; explicit)

╰ minsung (stray kids):

    • verbatim (116k; gang au; angst; fluff; violence; hurt comfort)
    • so sweet like chocolate★ (71k; fluff; very cheesy; but very cute; they're oblivious; strangers to friends to lovers)
oct 9 2020 ∞
aug 13 2021 +
  • you're only brave in the moonlight (14k; friends to lovers; artistic nudes; smut with feelings; explicit duh)
  • behind closed doors (50k; rivalry; they used to be friends now they are enemies to lovers; fashion industry; CEOs; explicit)
  • just to get a taste (24k; friends to lovers; fluff; light angst (?); explicit)
  • crimson orchids(28k; sex work; strangers to lovers; secret relationship; light dom/sub)
  • sunshine ★ (27k; strangers to friends to lovers; secret relationship; classes differences; stable boy tae; noble jimin; explicit)
  • hellspawn ★ (18k; demon taehyung; human jimin; accidental baby acquisition; cute very very cute)
  • holiday lessons ★ (40k; single parents; enemies to lovers; christmas fluff; humor)
  • tangled hearts (17k; established relationship; domestic fluff; jealousy; angry sex; relationship problems)
dec 18 2020 ∞
feb 17 2022 +
  • like everything glows ★♡♡ (180k; merman jimin; aquatic veterinarian jungkook; emotional hurt/comfort; explicit. this is so so so cute i cried almost every chapter i love this so much)
  • park jimin's guide to good housekeeping ... ★♡♡ (235k; magic; mythical beings and creatures; enemies to friends to lovers; jungkook is a brat; sassy park jimin; explicit. i loved every second of it, wish i could forget to read again)
  • we kiss like lovers and laugh like best ...★ (67k; high shcool/university; friends to lovers; consensual underage sex; fluff)
  • ocean eyes (49k; college au; angst; pining; unrequited love; explicit)
  • picture not perfect (50k; enemies to lovers; fluff; angst (?); sexuality crisis)
  • settlement (124k; enemies to lovers; they're both lawyers; fluff; unhelthy coping mechanisms; angst?; explicit)
  • bliss behind the burn(398k; hurt/comfort; misunderstandings; m...
apr 29 2020 ∞
feb 17 2022 +
  • psychology of attraction (26k; enemies to lovers; college au; psychology majors jikook; explicit)
  • taint me for i am untainted (98k; vampire jimin; human jungkook; sugar daddy jimin; blood drinking; slow burn; explicit)
  • space makes me want you more (15k; fluff and smut; domestic jikook; tattoos; hyung kink; established relationship)
  • your body is a temple, i pray just for t... (15k; quarterback kook; cheerleader jimin; face slapping; multiple orgasms; light drug use; explicit..duh)
  • blind switch ★ (226k; farm; horse racing; enemies to lovers, jimin is a city boy; jungkook horse races; slow burn; fluff; they are both bad at feelings; but when they get there.. it's really cute; explicit; i like this fic very much)
  • the joy of sex (31k; prude-ish jimin; playboy jungkook; they're roommates; explicit)
  • racing homet at sunset (192k; farm boy jimin; playboy jungkook; jimin is poor; jungkook is rich; jungkoo...
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dec 7 2022 +