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ps.: a maioria das fics que eu coloco aqui são as que eu acho que as pessoas podem gostar de ler. as que eu considero boas estão marcadas com estrelinhas e as minhas personal favorites tem corações ao lado.

  • psychology of attraction (26k; enemies to lovers; college au; psychology majors jikook; explicit)
  • taint me for i am untainted (98k; vampire jimin; human jungkook; sugar daddy jimin; blood drinking; slow burn; explicit)
  • space makes me want you more (15k; fluff and smut; domestic jikook; tattoos; hyung kink; established relationship)
  • your body is a temple, i pray just for the sight of you (15k; quarterback kook; cheerleader jimin; face slapping; multiple orgasms; light drug use; explicit..duh)
  • blind switch ★ (226k; farm; horse racing; enemies to lovers, jimin is a city boy; jungkook horse races; slow burn; fluff; they are both bad at feelings; but when they get there.. it's really cute; explicit; i like this fic very much)
  • the joy of sex (31k; prude-ish jimin; playboy jungkook; they're roommates; explicit)
  • racing homet at sunset (192k; farm boy jimin; playboy jungkook; jimin is poor; jungkook is rich; jungkook is a brat; jimin is sassy and cute; they're very cute; marla the chickenTM; excplicit)
  • lotus flower (105k; rockstar jimin; artist jungkook; foursome; explicit; world travel)
  • you're my favorite sin (211k; 1980s; homophobia; shitty parents; they find solace and love in each other; set in chicago; tattoo artist jungkook; cashier jimin; excplicit)
  • fool's gold (141k; actor jungkook; non-famous jimin; fake/pretend relationship; jungkook is really bad at feelings but he's trying)
  • everything i know brings me back to us (49k; exes to friends to lovers; grief;mourning; they're coworkers but they used to attend the same college; explicit)
  • tastes like obscenity (50k; idol jungkook; manager jimin; mutual pining; misunderstandings; explicit)
  • oh, my stars! (181k; space au; alchemist jimin; private investigator jungkook; emotional hurt/comfort; explicit)
  • one little chance (57k; friends to strangers to friends (?) to lovers; misunderstandings; hurt/comfort; christmas angst; happy ending)
  • rebloom (112k; exes to lovers; dance teacher jimin; designer jungkook; break up; getting back together; happy ending; explicit)
  • the venom in your veins (165k; elf jimin; human warrior jungkook; enemies to lovers; slow burn)
  • fine line (115k; living together; enemies to lovers; spanking; enemies with benefits)
  • fourteen carats (145k; rapper jungkook; model jimin; they pretend it's just sex.. but it isn't)
  • where'd you learn that? (126k; college au; romcom; prince jimin; nerd jungkook)
  • learning curve (154k; professor jimin; student jungkook; age gap; secret relationship; shy park jimin; fluff)
  • sincerely, yours (258k; a/b/o; mpreg; omega jimin; alpha jungkook; fluff; angst; jungkook is SO sweet very very cute)
  • painted pages (220k; model jungkook; author park jimin; denial of feelings; park jimin is bad at feelings; strangers to lovers; emotional abuse but not between jikook; angst?; with a happy ending tho)
  • the clouded star (174k; famous singer jungkook; backup dancer jimin; strangers to lovers; slow build)
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