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ps.: a maioria das fics que eu coloco aqui são as que eu acho que as pessoas podem gostar de ler. as que eu considero boas estão marcadas com estrelinhas e as minhas personal favorites tem corações ao lado.

  • love i have wounds ★ (79k; angst; loneliness; fluff; artist tae; photographer kook; explicit)
  • bloom ★(158k; friends to lovers; friends with benefits; pining; light dom/sub; explicit; angst)
  • comeback kids (34k; hockey; hate to love; recreational drug use; explicit)
  • trouvaille ★♡ (on going; 153k; complicated relationships; hidden relationship; angsty jungkook; conversations; artist tae; swimmer kook)
  • that thing you did, do it again (41k; sexual exploration; roommates; internalized homophobia; explicit)
  • aeipathy (51k; babysitter tae; dad kook; age swap; fluff; explicit)
  • refrigerator humming, chewing gum and instant karma (61k; babysitter tae; mob boss jungkook; age swap; age gap; gang; crack au)
  • eletric together (100k; escort tae; rich jungkook; fake relationship; referencered drug use; mild angst; explicit)
  • mileage may vary (80k; stripper jungkook; age difference; homophobia; hurt/comfort; recreational drug use; explicit)
  • death by a thousand cuts +jimin ( 22k; polyamory; hurt/comfort; pining, misunderstandings; happy ending; explicit)
  • how to talk to other humans and other valuable life skills ★♡ (148k; single parent jungkook; slice of life; friends to lovers; explicit; family dynamic)
  • what it feels like +jimin (7.3k; polyamory; fluff; love confessions)
  • got a kiss with your name on it (11.5k; friends to lovers; first kiss; making out)
  • symbiosis (285k; arranged marriage; strangers to lovers; family issues; rich kook; rich tae; explicit)
  • the champion ★♡ (149k; boxer jungkook; singer taehyung; angst; panic attacks; homophobia; violence; explicit)
  • the showcase (16k; dancer jungkook; singer taehyung; graduations; fluff; explicit) pt.2 of the champion
  • ellipsism (72k; heavy angst; panic attacks; mental health issues; past child abuse; homophobia; enemies to friends to lovers... idk why i liked this fic, very dramatic and it can be a little too much.. but i guess i related to some things. very sad)
  • p.s i don't hate you (46k; enemies to lovers; college au; sexual tension; humor; eventual smut)
  • taste on my tongue (6.7k; cashier jungkook; taehyung loves flavored lube and it's driving jungkook crazy; explicit)
  • curveball (100k; sports au; baseball player tae; rookie reporter kook; homophobia; strangers to lovers; explicit)
  • pluto (199k; internalized homophobia; bad boy kook but not really; religious (?) tae; homophobia; found family; mentions of violence; boxing; recreational drug use)
  • fall asleep, fall for you (149k; college au; omg they're roommates; insomnia; anxiety; enemies to friends to lovers; jungkook is really bad at feelings; explicit)
  • fade into you (150k; exes to friends to lovers; time skips; reunions; ex-boyfriends; aged-up characters; angst?? a little bit i guess; explicit)
  • the prosody of misconceptions (103k; college au; friends to lovers; friends with benefits; family; misunderstandings; slow burn; happy ending; explicit)
  • one scotch one bourbon one beer (83k; age difference; aged-up taehyung; bartender jungkook; androgynous tae (?); tae works in the fashion industry; explicit)
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