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ps.: a maioria das fics que eu coloco aqui são as que eu acho que as pessoas podem gostar de ler. as que eu considero boas estão marcadas com estrelinhas e as minhas personal favorites tem corações ao lado.

  • reprise (17k; past live au; major character death; implied suicide; sad ending)
  • the dom awekening of park jimin (4k; established relationship; fluff and smut; dom/sub. explicit... duh)
  • with arms unfolding (11k; artist tae; curator jimin; friends to lovers; mutual pining)
  • want you in my room (6k; stripper park jimin; but its soft; one night stand but not really??)
  • lost and found (73k; circus au; aerialist jimin; tiger master tae; hints of magic; explicit)
  • safe and sound (sequence to safe and sound. 9k; parents vmin; porn with feelings; weddings)
  • like and ancient sun (10k; canon divergence; pwp honestly but its fun)
  • your eyes tell (110k; soulmate marks; soul bond; blind tae; minor character death; grief/mourning; angst)
  • if hell is other people (81k; the good place au; afterlife; implied/referenced alcohol abuse/alcoholism; jimin does'nt like taehyung at first; angst; fluff; soulmates.. sort of)
  • canvas (29k; strangers to friends to lovers; dancer jimin; painter tae; body painting; explicit)
  • you make me crescendo (60k; violinist tae; ballerino jimin;fluff; slow burn; explicit)
  • i've got a badge and the power to play (16k; friends with benefits to lovers; miscommunication; jealous tae; praise kink; explicit)
  • the ephemerality of forever (90k; best friends with benefits; emotional hurt/comfort; memories of anxiety; temporarily unrequited love; hopeful ending; explicit)
  • purple string (40k; young boys in love; summer; very dream-like; lost of virginity; explicit)
  • help me hold onto you (52k; friends to lovers; they are reconnecting; light angts; jimin is bad at feelings but he love taehyung a lot)
  • nexilis ★ (147k; fantasy au; soulmates au; witch jimin; strangers to lovers; cottagecore; a lot of bickering; mutual pining; explicit)
  • feel like summer (84k; strangers to friends to lovers; summer love; rich tae; pool boy jimin; explicit)
  • shonen-ai love you (4k; high shchool au; popular tae with a huge crush on jimin)
  • danseur étoile (44k; they're both ballet dancer; but taehyung is choreographer now; kind of enemies to lovers; a lot of time skips; explicit)
  • purple string (40k; summer love; strangers to friends to lovers; explicit)
  • why not? (23k; friends to lovers; porn with feelings; humor; fluff and smut; explicit ~~duh)
  • the mystery of the ineffable (42k; college au; acquaintances to friends to lovers; explicit)
  • we promised the world we'd tame it (11k; heavy angst; science fiction; dreams]
  • naked bodies dressed with the night (7k; lockdown au; established relationship; body image; insecure tae; tummy worship; explicit)
  • ships in the night (100k; friends to lovers; roommates; stripper jimin errrr; violinist tae; slow burn; past rape/non-con; rough sex; roleplay; sir kink; panic attacks; anxiety)
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