when it gets really sunny inside and you see dust floating through the air

  • it always shines when you need it most
  • it reminds me of planets floating around through the universe
  • you can never actually catch it
  • when i look at it i think that it would be a good thing to watch while listening to music, but actually the way it moves doesn't match any genre or song, its too unique
  • it floats by itself but you can control it if you want
  • those tiny dots are strikingly beautiful
  • they hold strange comfort to me
    • memories of my dining room and the windows by my bed
  • for a second one will pop out in the sunlight, then float away and disappear
jan 10 2012 ∞
jan 10 2012 +
user picture veronica: love this. whenever i think of floating dust i think of your dining room, too. :) jan 10 2012