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  • Nao/Prism! If you know me by my past names that i hide feel free to call me that as well, but I'd prefer new followers to be calling me with either of my new aliases! ♡
  • 19
  • Libra
  • INTP
  • mentally ill, I have been professionally diagnosed with adhd so please be patient with me, i tends to have really short attention span and terrible memory, if I forgot about something, a thread or anything please tell me! I also tends to go out of topic and all bc of my short attentiom spans, sorry about that!
  • also, I have anxiety.. not yet psychiatric diagnosed but im getting checked for it soon, so please again bear with me
  • asian, 100% indonesian
  • any pronouns really, usually people just use she/her, idc
  • I made lots of angst hcs
  • I love memes and Raku Wakaouji and Kaoru Hakaze with all my heart
  • also will rt spam occassionally
  • i'll sometimes post art!
  • sometimes i will vent or tweet abt negativity, feel free to mute me during those times! Im sorry
  • feel free to reply to my tweets or talk to me about anything!! I love talking and wont bite
  • I have a Private account i used more often! If we talked you can ask for it
  • IMPORTANT please read:
  • save me from idol hell I am dying my dude
apr 29 2016 ∞
may 23 2017 +