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  • the general dfi criteria
  • you hate the idea of people having IDs
  • you hate any of my interest or ship and talk publicly about it for absolutely no reason. It's ok if you tag it with ship hate/ do not talk bad abt it to me tho!! I respect anyone's opinion, I just prefer it not getting shoved into my face (its for both of our sake!)
  • you post lots of islamophobia/ islamophobia related post (please tags them! Just put lrt islamophobia or sth! or alternatively, you can just put ndl or nao don't look before them.. Id like to be warned before I saw them hh)
  • you are islamophobic

  • i dont mind minors following me at all if you are comfy with it!
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  • Nao/Prism! If you know me by my past names that i hide feel free to call me that as well, but I'd prefer new followers to be calling me with either of my new aliases! ♡
  • 19
  • Libra
  • INTP
  • mentally ill, I have been professionally diagnosed with adhd so please be patient with me, i tends to have really short attention span and terrible memory, if I forgot about something, a thread or anything please tell me! I also tends to go out of topic and all bc of my short attentiom spans, sorry about that!
  • also, I have anxiety.. not yet psychiatric diagnosed but im getting checked for it soon, so please again bear with me
  • asian, 100% indonesian
  • any pronouns really, usually people just ...
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  • Aichuu : Raku, Saku, Seiya, Ars/ Alchemist/ FooF
  • Ensemble Stars: Kaoru, Eichi, Chiaki, UNDEAD/fine
  • Banyaro: Kyo, Yamato, Asahi, Osiris
  • SideM: Kyousuke, Rei, Kaoru, Altessimo
  • ships can be found at ongoing tab ♪

Others, not in particular order

  • Persona 5 : Akira, Goro, Ryuuji!
  • fate series: I love Indian bros and Merlin!
  • Skies!
  • Touken Ranbu: urashima, yasusada, tsurumaru
  • Bungou to Alchemist: mainly kouyou..
  • uh, Naruto
  • bungou stray dogs
  • various novels
  • theres a lot more that I forget im sure
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