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  • the general dfi criteria
  • you hate the idea of people having IDs
  • you hate any of my interest or ship and talk publicly about it for absolutely no reason. It's ok if you tag it with ship hate/ do not talk bad abt it to me tho!! I respect anyone's opinion, I just prefer it not getting shoved into my face (its for both of our sake!)
  • you post lots of islamophobia/ islamophobia related post (please tags them! Just put lrt islamophobia or sth! or alternatively, you can just put ndl or nao don't look before them.. Id like to be warned before I saw them hh)
  • you are islamophobic

  • i dont mind minors following me at all if you are comfy with it!
  • if you have a problem with me, rather than indirecting me in place I can see, please dm me instead, and we can talk about it!
  • please softblock to break mutuals! no need to tell me why! likewise, I will do just the same.
  • if i said sth problematic please do tell me... i tend to be unsensitive sometimes
  • follow request is fine whenever I'm locked! Mind that i might not accept it but feel free to send one...! I always loves making new friends!
  • please please please Tags abandonement. Its an issue im sensitive to and will break down at a mention of so please tag it. I just really cant stand it. using ndl is fine!
  • this account is tweet heavy! Im not very comfortable with being muted for a rly long time since i had fear of abandonement, so be mindful that by following you're signing up for a hellhole
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