things i like in fic/art:

  • magical realism
  • enemies to friends to lovers
  • angst with no happy ending (incl. death!fic, breakups etc. (sorry))
  • coffee shop aus
  • mutual pining
  • getting together after years of seperation
  • political aus
  • reincarnation
  • alternate timelines; generally fucking with time and space
  • historical aus (that are geographically accurate)
  • slow burn

things i don't like:

  • infidelity/cheating
  • rape/non-con
  • "mom/dad" tropes
  • engagement/marriage (incl. any hint/talk of)
  • parenting
  • terminal illness
  • parenting
  • a/b/o
  • power dynamics (teacher/student, boss/employee)
  • ignoring cultural setting
  • western historical aus in a non-western place
  • characters being painted as villains when they are not in canon (ex: ushijima being a stalker or abusing oikawa)
  • "you should've come to shiratorizawa" (just stop)
  • abuse of any kind (incl. past mentions of)
  • reducing a character to one characteristic/a BL trope (ex: keith being ~delicate~ and dainty who needs "big and strong shiro")
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