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  • 'no hand to put my handshake in' from 'air' by the owls.
  • 'at the end of your low you pin my shoulders against the mattress arching your frame with stomach pushed outward your head tilting back with your mouth slightly open the sounds slur and elevate slowly in volume' from 'revealing too much' by the honorary title.
  • 'i meet my friends in the places i stay, that don't mean i don't know my own way' from 'babies' by jana hunter.
  • all of 'sex in c minor' by son, ambulance.
  • 'i will go anywhere, just as long as i’m with someone. you will do, just take me home for tea' from 'loneliness is better when you're not alone' by hello saferide.
  • 'well the ghosts are picking up the scent. i guess the locks on all the doors won't be relevent, come sundown.' from 'sun down' by nik freitas.
  • 'we treat mishaps like sinking ships and i know that i don't want to be out to drift. well i can see it in your eyes like i taste your lips and they both tell me that we're better than this.' from 'little motel' by modest mouse.
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