• cinnamon spice
  • apple-vanilla
  • green
  • peppermint
  • baked apple
  • turkish fig
  • cherry-banana
  • strawberry-cream
  • rooibos-caramel
  • earl grey
aug 27 2010 ∞
aug 27 2010 +
user picture skye: Oh, these are so exotic. Cinnamon Spice and Cherry-Banana, they sound amazing. aug 27 2010
user picture Vera: Cinnamon Spice is wonderful, there's also Cocoa Spice. Tastes like liquid dark chocolate. And Cherry-Banana! It's one of my absolute favourite flavours in the world. Have you ever had real, fresh cheery-banana juice? It's wonderful. For some reason it's very popular in Germany, that flavour, nothing like a big piece of cherry-banana cake in summer (in the garden of course). aug 28 2010
user picture skye: I have never had anything cherry-banana, it sounds wonderful, perhaps I shall seek out a recipe. aug 30 2010
user picture Shardae: Sounds delicious :) x aug 27 2010