• accordion
  • winter
  • mint green nail polish
  • collected works of Edward Gorey
  • tiny satchel
  • ticket to see The Nutcracker in December
  • nutcracker with beard
  • big Norway sweater (with reindeer and fir trees, ugly)
  • Time-Turner necklace
  • letter paper
  • The Whale: In Search of the Giants of the Sea
  • ship-in-a-bottle
  • typewritter ribbon
  • Gryffindor scarf
  • brown lace-up boots
  • polkadot wellingtons
  • baking skills
  • pet bats (whole family)
  • Prague snow globe
  • Anne of Green Gables box set
  • brown eyes
aug 12 2010 ∞
aug 23 2010 +
user picture skye: Oh, you found your boots? How fortunate. I am still searching for the perfect pair. aug 24 2010
user picture Vera: Yes! Like all best discoveries, I found my boots by accident - they're not brown but black, but still the perfect pair. I hope you'll find yours very soon. :)