• I'm Keru!
  • 28 ♀, she/her
  • I really, really like IDOLiSH7 and Given. I try to do fandom and translation projects when I can! And attempt to voice act and sing sometimes.
  • I'm from Tampa Bay, Florida, but have been living in Japan since March 2019. I teach English to elementary schoolers in eastern Shizuoka!
  • Since I have a lot of young followers, I do my best to keep everything I post or retweet R-15. Liked tweets, however, are fair game!
  • I'm 100% fine being mutuals with people of any age, but if I follow you and you aren't, feel free to softblock me!
  • You'll never see blatant character or ship hate from me! I try to avoid conflict when I can. I'm here to talk about the things I love!
dec 23 2011 ∞
aug 23 2020 +