• dead bogeymen _ in a world where infectious disease causes seizures and kills kids, joonmyeon turns into the monster to keep them safe._
  • even if we get lost (together) _ EXO-K discovers there's only so much Joonmyun can take before he withdraws into himself._
  • how fragile we are g. it is that moment when suho allows himself to cry.
  • in a few dayspg. junmyeon finds the kim brothers, minseok, jongdae and jongin, on his doorstep and agrees to look after them for just a few days.
  • projectile vomit nc-17 suho wants to feel like he belongs in his own group and he takes matters in his own hands to gain the acceptance he deserves
  • the dragon beyond the picket fence ongoing
  • the names of the months Kim Joonmyeon is January.
  • untitled Joonmyun is disconnected from his reality as it slowly breaks down, until there is nothing left.


  • the height of love (suho/suzy) pg-13. suho has a crush on the nation's biggest female star, and somehow finds himself on a triple date with her. Featuring lots of awkwardness and dancing.


  • bedding the president (+joondae) prompt: University AU. Chen is the president of Suho's unofficial fanclub. Kris pretends to join because of Suho, but he really just wants in Chen's pants.


  • dead heart Your heart should have stopped beating a long time ago, yet here it is aching for another.
  • 你蛋疼不 (ongoing) big 4 au (tagalog fic)




72 hours au

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