• a lesson in romanticsnc-17. joonmyeon doesn't do it on purpose, but he wouldn't necessarily mind a lesson from wufan.
  • a season of beginningspg. yifan and junmyeon meet again after ten years. and this time, yifan has a son.
  • a story of you and inc-17. junmyeon doesn’t know what makes him follow this man out the back exit of the bar. he doesn’t even know this guy’s name.
  • advanced statistics nc-17. advanced statistics was boring, but joonmyun didn't think that it was boring enough to do that.
  • ain't it fun?pg-13. mr. "new guy from the countryside" kim joonmyun has never really been on top of the world, always the guy watching from way down below. when he meets someone who's been up there, someone who's fallen from the highest of the high, he can't help but be intrigued.
  • all the air i breathe has aftertastepg-13. yifan isn't sure when his job started fucking with his head so much.
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  • 10 genre meme
  • a far better fate than wisdom pg-13. junmyeon agonizes and craves all in the same breath.
  • abstract in blue nc-17.
  • bite r.
  • burn out nc-17. jongin's got an itch only junmyeon can scratch
  • but the sound was trapped deep in me pg-13. when joonmyun hears the news that he won't be part of the group debuting in 2012, he tries to take a stab at composing.
  • camera (shy)nc-17. jongin is suho's biggest fan, but strangely enough, he finds deceptively mild-mannered joonmyun even more intriguing.
  • cloudy with a chance of balls r. joonmyun is an enthusiastic weatherman at EXO news, which unbeknownst to him, will soon undergo a transformation into EXO Naked News._
  • constant g. suho is everyone's constant while jongin is both his and joonmyun's
  • expirync-17. death is the sudden stop, the pull into the void, the slow disintegration of your...
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  • all that i want nc-17. joonmyun isn’t supposed to make him feel this way.
  • (don't you call anybody else baby cause ...nc-17. joonmyun is tao’s best cuddle buddy. but he starts wanting more.
  • eonianpg-13. what happens when this game becomes your reality?
  • feel the musicpg-13. Rock music and growing up have two things in common, it’s noisy and sometimes people get hurt.
  • i'll be peter pan and you just be pretty...r. when joonmyun's parents told him to go out, join a club, make contacts, joonmyun is pretty sure that they never meant exo, and they certainly never meant zitao. somehow, he can't help himself from getting swept into their world, and he may have gotten in over his head.
  • inappropriate the angelic leader fantasizes about the chinese maknae's strong thighs wrapped around his waist
  • let's get sexual (it'll be our secret) nc-17.
  • make you mine (all mine) nc-17. zitao buys suho and brings him to his pa...
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  • counting stars on the ceiling pg-13. the emotions he’s been holding back for so long are brimming at the surface, like liquid reaching the brink and slowly trickling down the glass.
  • fic advent 2013: day four pg-13. chanyeol gets suho high and they go to taco bell and do other things that high people do.
  • hard to get in which chanyeol and joonmyeon are at one another's throats. and unfortunately, not in the nice way.
  • lying awake, the colours all fade pg-13. junmyeon finds that chanyeol has given him more than only another chance at life.
  • raise your expectationsr. in the heat of summer, chanyeol walks in, and joonmyun starts to wake up
  • take me therer. but it’s almost like joonmyun is giving chanyeol a glimpse of his soul, giving chanyeol a piece of him and chanyeol is nervous about giving back. he isn’t sure how much he will be able to return.
  • this side upnc-17. joonmyun is woefully single and jongin j...
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  • balancing equations pg-13. kyungsoo is awkward, and joonmyun is perfect.
  • boomshakalaka pg-13. junmyeon asks kyungsoo to watch the cheerdance competition with him. at his unit. just the two of them. (你蛋疼不 side story; tagalog fic)
  • of glitters and dust pg. "I don't think we're in Seoul anymore"
  • push and shove nc-17. it's a risky business gonna play it anyway
  • unsterblichpg-13. he did return with more questions, these ones very specific. he wanted to know about the vampires of eastern falkalor. kyungsoo told him about the most powerful tribe, the dalkiher, ridden with paranoia and cruelty, whose very breath could freeze their victims' blood running through their veins.
  • (won't you be my) strawberry bubblegum nc-17. joonmyun likes wearing women's lingerie
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  • beautifulnc-17. Junmyeon wasn't kidding that Lu Han is his ideal girl.
  • between heaven and neverland suho had always been a dreamer (and admittedly, somewhat of a bookworm), but when luhan suddenly came falling into his life, he never could have imagined just how his life suddenly transformed into one of the stories he always loved to read so much.
  • china dollr. joonmyun always had a thing for dolls, preferably china and porcelain made ones.
  • ingénue r. lu han worries about joonmyun, to say the least.
  • late night rendezvous pg.
  • nom de plume ✯ joonmyun is a successful and well known writer, though only by his pseudonym. luhan, a passionate reader, works at a small, not very frequented cafe. he takes an immediate liking to the quiet but friendly young man who starts spending hours with his laptop in his cafe...
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  • ain't nothing but mammals nc-17. businessman suho and prostitute sehun
  • and the rest is rust and stardustr. sehun has always been hesitant to unpack.
  • (as the smoke clears watch as ashes fade...pg-15. and in the end, junmyun learns it isn’t only sehun who needs to learn to let go.
  • bitter, empty taste of white Oh Sehun is a teenage sex addict, sent to Joonmyun for gentle reform. Joonmyun isn't easily rattled, and he's dealt with a lot of things, but this kid seems hell bent on getting underneath his skin.
  • blind by sight pg. it's the fall of sehun's last year at sm academy when joonmyun walks in and sehun finally begins to see.
  • desultory after exo officially disbands, joonmyun struggles to find a new road he can follow, but he’s not the only one.
  • dirty little secretnc-17. sehun's date with 'sugar daddy' and the following night. also sehun finds out that jongin's been skipping out on his shifts at the bar and giving them to Baekhyun....
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  • dimples, drugs, and rock & roll pg-13. yixing rocks and junmyeon rolls.
  • dog eat dog In which Junmyeon gets his dog stolen by old man Sooman and Yixing offers him a consolation.
  • leave the light onnc-17. yixing keeps a careful watch on beings and emotion levels. joonmyun watches yixing and his own emotions like a hawk. The space between them is the opening chance and circumstance make full use of.
  • melting pg-15. it’s not love, yixing kept telling himself at night when he couldn’t fall asleep thinking about joonmyun, because his sweaty palms and flushed cheeks whenever Joonmyun’s hand or shoulder brushed against his were just a product of his body being weird and hormonal, not because joonmyun made him nervous.
  • my ugly prettync-17. joonmyeon is the space in yixing's gaps whilst yixing is the seal to joonmyeon's cracks.
  • oh, the places you'll gopg-13. joonmyun is a mail pilot in his early th...
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  • dead bogeymen _ in a world where infectious disease causes seizures and kills kids, joonmyeon turns into the monster to keep them safe._
  • even if we get lost (together) _ EXO-K discovers there's only so much Joonmyun can take before he withdraws into himself._
  • how fragile we are g. it is that moment when suho allows himself to cry.
  • in a few dayspg. junmyeon finds the kim brothers, minseok, jongdae and jongin, on his doorstep and agrees to look after them for just a few days.
  • projectile vomit nc-17 suho wants to feel like he belongs in his own group and he takes matters in his own hands to gain the acceptance he deserves
  • the dragon beyond the picket fence ongoing
  • the names of the months Kim Joonmyeon is January.
  • untitled Joonmyun is disconnected from his reality...
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