• counting stars on the ceiling pg-13. the emotions he’s been holding back for so long are brimming at the surface, like liquid reaching the brink and slowly trickling down the glass.
  • fic advent 2013: day four pg-13. chanyeol gets suho high and they go to taco bell and do other things that high people do.
  • hard to get in which chanyeol and joonmyeon are at one another's throats. and unfortunately, not in the nice way.
  • lying awake, the colours all fade pg-13. junmyeon finds that chanyeol has given him more than only another chance at life.
  • raise your expectationsr. in the heat of summer, chanyeol walks in, and joonmyun starts to wake up
  • take me therer. but it’s almost like joonmyun is giving chanyeol a glimpse of his soul, giving chanyeol a piece of him and chanyeol is nervous about giving back. he isn’t sure how much he will be able to return.
  • this side upnc-17. joonmyun is woefully single and jongin just can't stop meddling
  • tied and tangledr. chanyeol and suho are soul mates, tied by the red thread of fate. The only problem is that chanyeol is a bumbling high schooler, and suho is a thirty-one year-old accountant who doesn't want anything to do with him. but people are tied together for a reason, and they're both about to find out why.
  • untitled pg. "you try too hard for me to ever think less of you."
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