• balancing equations pg-13. kyungsoo is awkward, and joonmyun is perfect.
  • boomshakalaka pg-13. junmyeon asks kyungsoo to watch the cheerdance competition with him. at his unit. just the two of them. (你蛋疼不 side story; tagalog fic)
  • of glitters and dust pg. "I don't think we're in Seoul anymore"
  • push and shove nc-17. it's a risky business gonna play it anyway
  • unsterblichpg-13. he did return with more questions, these ones very specific. he wanted to know about the vampires of eastern falkalor. kyungsoo told him about the most powerful tribe, the dalkiher, ridden with paranoia and cruelty, whose very breath could freeze their victims' blood running through their veins.
  • (won't you be my) strawberry bubblegum nc-17. joonmyun likes wearing women's lingerie
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