• beautifulnc-17. Junmyeon wasn't kidding that Lu Han is his ideal girl.
  • between heaven and neverland suho had always been a dreamer (and admittedly, somewhat of a bookworm), but when luhan suddenly came falling into his life, he never could have imagined just how his life suddenly transformed into one of the stories he always loved to read so much.
  • china dollr. joonmyun always had a thing for dolls, preferably china and porcelain made ones.
  • ingénue r. lu han worries about joonmyun, to say the least.
  • late night rendezvous pg.
  • nom de plume ✯ joonmyun is a successful and well known writer, though only by his pseudonym. luhan, a passionate reader, works at a small, not very frequented cafe. he takes an immediate liking to the quiet but friendly young man who starts spending hours with his laptop in his cafe...
  • of lace and leathernc-17. in which Luhan is a dominatrix.
  • plastic veins pg-13. lu han struggles with unobtainable perfection.
  • pretense "sometimes," he starts, "the hardest part of letting someone go is realizing you were never meant to have them."
  • rest in peace, rest in pieces ✯ peonies rise from the ground in pinks and reds when joonmyun first stumbles into luhan’s life.
  • scribbled broken hearts pg. there’s something—someone—missing, and luhan likes to believe he’s always just there.
  • secret love pg without anyone knowing, suho thinks of luhan.
  • the perks of being trilingual nc-17. people have always said that joonmyun's girlfriend is out of his league, but he's got ways of making up for it.
  • the touchliner. lu han is afraid of heights, among other things.
  • transiencepg. time travel au
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