• ain't nothing but mammals nc-17. businessman suho and prostitute sehun
  • and the rest is rust and stardustr. sehun has always been hesitant to unpack.
  • as the smoke clears (watch as ashes fade away)pg-15. and in the end, junmyun learns it isn’t only sehun who needs to learn to let go.
  • bitter, empty taste of white Oh Sehun is a teenage sex addict, sent to Joonmyun for gentle reform. Joonmyun isn't easily rattled, and he's dealt with a lot of things, but this kid seems hell bent on getting underneath his skin.
  • blind by sight pg. it's the fall of sehun's last year at sm academy when joonmyun walks in and sehun finally begins to see.
  • desultory after exo officially disbands, joonmyun struggles to find a new road he can follow, but he’s not the only one.
  • dirty little secretnc-17. sehun's date with 'sugar daddy' and the following night. also sehun finds out that jongin's been skipping out on his shifts at the bar and giving them to Baekhyun.
  • don't hold the wall (+sekai) r. "once you do, you never," sehun whispers into his mouth, "ever, stop needing it."
  • edges (i like them rough) nc-17. joonmyun likes sehun hurting him
  • hello, goodbye (& the winter in between) ✯ sehun’s first and only winter with joonmyun has a lot of firsts, some he wants to remember and some he doesn’t.
  • learning to count (the instances of you) pg-13. joonmyun relative to everyone else is something that always changes, but sehun makes sure to keep track.
  • old friend prompt: kris (as doctor), suho (as amy pond) and sehun (as rory) in doctor who!au
  • one for money nc-17. oh sehun is the summer fling that won't die.
  • show me your teeth pg. joonmyun's reputation as a dragon tamer has perhaps been exaggerated.
  • trouble comes in threes (+kai) nc-17. sehun says feed me and joonmyeon beats him over the head with a dish rag, but it’s hard to keep things funny when the house only has room for two and there’s enough love for three.
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