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  • a mess of blues
    • building stairways to lead you home {TT}
  • As you were
    • The tattoo on Jongdae's little finger tells him who his soulmate is. He's spent the last three years thinking it's incorrect. (Or: Kyungsoo and Jongdae take some time to learn that not all soulmate relationships are alike.) {oh god yes}
  • Bliss
    • Jongdae has the good life, including an indulgent boyfriend. Things may be fairly routine, but that suits them both just fine. {top jd bYE}
  • butterfly kisses
    • jongdae is vivid technicolor, and kyungsoo wants nothing more than to have him paint his life pink {so sweet ;;;;;}
  • Die Another Date I Mean, Day
    • Everyone in X Intelligence Agency knows that operations technician Jongdae has a favourite undercover agent, but it'll probably take an impending mission failure for him to admit it. {so sweet omg ;;;;;;;}
  • Don't Look Too Close
    • Kyungsoo and Jongdae have never had such a big case in their hands. {aiya}
  • i'm pink and black and blue for you
    • No matter how Jongdae thinks about it, Kyungsoo is an A+ kind of roommate. {sweetness overload ;;;}
  • off course
    • jongdae makes the road trip for their anniversary a little more exciting. au. {bitchhhhhh}
  • really, really
    • "Aren't you supposed to take me to dinner and then fuck me?" {YAS}
  • Slow Burn
    • Jongdae isn't going to claim Kyungsoo's mouth is the cure, but it might be close. {yes feed me my chensoo porn}
  • the roommate agreement
    • Kyungsoo doesn't really like people touching him, but Jongdae is quite the cuddle monster. Luckily, their roommate agreement is set up in such a way that everyone is happy and content. {<3}
  • You Got What I Want
    • Jongdae thought he had the dorm to himself for the evening. Turns out being wrong wasn't the train wreck he expected it to be. {BLESS}
  • 무죄 Innocence
    • Kyungsoo’s the sun Jongdae needs when night comes. {fluff ;;;;}
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