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  • ...and the rest is history
    • When Chanyeol said Professor Kim was hot, Baekhyun didn't think he meant "a gentleman with a panty-dropping smirk," but here she is feeling a little too hot for history. {omg ;;; perfect}
  • "Accidentally" my ass
    • Jongdae, being Jongdae, tends to make Baekhyun unaware of certain things (and feelings). Most of the time, he fails in ways more than one-- as Baekhyun, being Baekhyun, tends to be aware of a lot of things related to Jongdae. {ehhhhhh}
  • 150 Points to Gryffindor
    • Where Ravenclaw wins the quidditch match and Jongdae loses dignity in front of the whole school. {yessssss loves}
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jan 9 2016 ∞
jul 2 2019 +
  • 1
    • Baekhyun is a distraction. Chanyeol refuses to believe the obvious. {yessssss}
  • 100% Up-To-Date Contact Lists
    • in which Kyungsoo gets intimate texts {THIS IS REALLY AMAZING THO}
  • 2 A.M
    • 2:00 A.M; why won't you come back to me? {/cries}
  • 26
    • “I got you a present.” {<3}
  • 942 KM
    • Somewhere between music sheets and old dusty literature books, Kyungsoo's new roommate, Baekhyun, happens to be his high school ex who never got around to explainin...
jun 18 2015 ∞
jul 2 2019 +
  • T-T-T-Touch Me
    • Kyungsoo is next in line to become Alpha and Baekhyun is annoying.
    • screams? I really can't say anything anymore
  • Take care of my fridge or possibly my life too
    • The phone call from Baekhyun that morning wasn't a phonecall he expected at all {SO ADORABLE ;-; IM LIKE TT}
  • take me hire
    • Kyungsoo has no reason to hire Baekhyun. {FUCK KYUNGSOO WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS WHY DO I LIKE YOU LIKE THIS}
  • Take me over
    • Baekhyun finds a stash of a wide array of sex toys under his roommate's, Kyungsoo's, bed. He thinks Kyungsoo must use them ...
jul 15 2016 ∞
jul 2 2019 +
  • a division of stars
    • Tally's not sure why she's having dreams about General Alder. All she knows is that she's learning a lot of chess, and not getting much sleep. And that Alder is still very, very dead. {5/14/23}
  • A Portrait of Hope
    • Sarah is an art student, and her roommate, Tally, is a chemical engineering major. They couldn't be more different. College was rough enough to begin with, Sarah knew, but dealing with Tally's peppy demeanor and incessant talking was another thing entirely. Still, something drew them together, inspiring a degree of trust and vulnerability that neither had experienced before. Maybe they could be friends after all. If Tally didn't make Sarah pull her hair out first, that is. {5/14/23}
may 16 2023 ∞
aug 11 2023 +
  • bake for 25 minutes, or 'till golden bro...
    • jongdae and baekhyun are culinary arts majors but they can't really cook. kyungsoo shows them how much they suck, and they decide to keep him. {hearteu}
  • half-baekedchensoo
    • Unrelated baekchensoo oneshots in various AUs
  • hot commodity
    • jongdae is never going to break up baekhyun and kyungsoo's arguments ever again {oh man}
  • Non-conventional
    • Kyungah and Baekhyun are not a terribly conventional couple, but that’s alright. In fact, that’s great. (girl!Kyungsoo)
feb 1 2017 ∞
jul 2 2019 +
jul 15 2016 ∞
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  • a mess of blues
    • building stairways to lead you home {TT}
  • As you were
    • The tattoo on Jongdae's little finger tells him who his soulmate is. He's spent the last three years thinking it's incorrect. (Or: Kyungsoo and Jongdae take some time to learn that not all soulmate relationships are alike.) {oh god yes}
  • Bliss
    • Jongdae has the good life, including an indulgent boyfriend. Things may be fairly routine, but that suits them both just fine. {top jd bYE}
  • butterfly kisses
    • jongdae is vivid technicolor, and kyungsoo wants nothing more than to have him pai...
may 16 2017 ∞
jul 2 2019 +
  • o3 december 2013
    • Kyungsoo is awkward and he goes to a coffee shop and can't decide what to order {CUTE THO}
  • Obsessed
    • Byun Baekhyun has a duo personality, sweet on one side crazy on the other. Lately the suppressants aren't working and Kyungsoo is the perfect target. Possessive!Baekhyun. {kinda confused about the ending but I like it}
  • of a fancy scroll, emo invisible being, ...
    • Chanyeol finally gets his first task. {Baeksoo and CHenyeol omf}
  • Of Coffee and red ears
    • Kyungsoo is there for the coffee not the barista, his friends can shut up.{SO FLUF...
may 28 2016 ∞
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