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  • Amateur Cartography
    • That one-night stand with Draco Malfoy was a mistake. Hermione doesn't make mistakes, or at least she isn't supposed to. She's working hard at her Ministry career, however frustrating and pointless her job may be, and she's also got to live up to everyone's expectations as Hogwarts's most famous Muggle-born and a top-tier War Hero. So, why is she still sleeping with Draco Malfoy, ex-Death Eater and infamous pureblood? And why isn't she certain that she wants to stop?
  • Good
    • “And I just wanted to drop by,” he cut her off and tilted his head, “and say that I’m flattered. But I won’t be taking you on.”
  • Lights Out
    • Draco doesn't like it, but there's no way around it. The prefects have to patrol the halls after lights out, and for the first term, he and Hermione Granger must patrol every Tuesday night.
  • Neverland
    • In a rare moment of clarity, he saw himself through her eyes, saw what he’d become. Suddenly he felt so very tired. He slid down and sat with his head back against the bars, caring not one whit that he might seem vulnerable. She wouldn’t be able to get out. She’d never get out.
  • oh my god, they were roommates
    • "I'm not going anywhere, Granger." He gave her a smile that crept up his pointed features. "I am living in my court-ordered exile in my court-ordered flat. You're the one choosing to live here."
  • Strange You Never Knew
    • “Three minutes to the lift, two to the board room. I believe that gives me”—he lifted his forearm to check his watch—“eight minutes to make you come.” Fire pooled in her belly. “A bit cocky, are we?” “I’ve gotten you off in less.” // Something strange is up with Malfoy, Hermione's fellow Auror and secret shagging partner. Ready or not, she's about to find out.
  • The Best Way to Get Over Someone…
    • to fuck Draco Malfoy against his office door. Or however the saying goes.
  • the laws of celestial objects
    • The first time she sees him again after the trials, he is in a glass cage.
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