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  • a division of stars
    • Tally's not sure why she's having dreams about General Alder. All she knows is that she's learning a lot of chess, and not getting much sleep. And that Alder is still very, very dead. {5/14/23}
  • A Portrait of Hope
    • Sarah is an art student, and her roommate, Tally, is a chemical engineering major. They couldn't be more different. College was rough enough to begin with, Sarah knew, but dealing with Tally's peppy demeanor and incessant talking was another thing entirely. Still, something drew them together, inspiring a degree of trust and vulnerability that neither had experienced before. Maybe they could be friends after all. If Tally didn't make Sarah pull her hair out first, that is. {5/14/23}
  • Alive
    • During the dance, Sarah comes to terms with her relationship with Beltane. It had always been the purpose of the reel to strengthen her, but what if her weakness is standing right in front of her? {5/14/23}
  • Broken Promises
    • “Would you care to explain what you were doing out of bed, Cadet?” The general said. {5/27/23}
  • But I’m your idiot?
    • They’d just left the restaurant and decided they needed a walk before returning to the car. Tally had taken hold of Sarah’s arm, glad that Sarah didn’t seem to mind her tactile nature. “That ice cream was amazing.” Tally sighed. {5/16/23}
  • Closure
    • Ever since Sarah returned to the Mycelium, Tally is missing her like crazy and as a result is unable to stop thinking about her. When that causes Sarah to unexpectedly show up, Tally is given the chance to tell her all the things she so desperately wants her to know. With Sarah also having some confessions of her own. {5/16/23}
  • Coffee shop Au
    • She’d been going there for years, sitting in the same corner with her laptop every afternoon, sipping on coffee and munching on the blueberry muffins {5/27/23}
  • dance me (not) to the end of love
    • Sarah grows old as does every other human being and, with years, the pieces of her armor slip away, letting her insecurities govern her choices. Tally stays by her side, not letting that end their love. {5/14/23}
  • goodness you're bleeding what a wonderful feeling
    • “I know that you came here looking for a fight. You wanted to run back to your coven, maybe with a fresh wound to match mine, hmm?” or after the would have been execution, tally wants explanations. she wants, and wants, and wants. {5/14/23}
  • Hold Me Through It
    • Most people believe that General Alder is heartless. That she is only cold and calculating--ruthless to a fault--that she doesn't feel pain, sorrow, or loss anymore after her many centuries. This isn't the case. In fact, Sarah Alder feels more deeply than most--and that is her burden to bear. Perhaps one Tally Craven can help lighten its weight. {5/27/23}
  • In the Stillness of Remembering
    • Tally Craven hasn't been sleeping well. When she begins dreaming of visits with General Sarah Alder she finally is able to rest. What happens when she begins to realize that there might be more to these encounters than she first believed. {5/14/23 - 5/15/23}
  • inconsolable
    • Instead of Tally being the one to think Alder's dead it's Alder who thinks Tally is dead. A mission gone wrong and she's assumed dead {5/27/23}
  • keep for me your sweetness
    • Sarah and Tally get to enjoy a soft summer at Fort Salem and end up taking a long vacation together too. {5/14/23}
  • Kiss Me Like The World Is Ending
    • Tally hadn't meant to kiss Alder in that exact moment, but it happened anyway. Like an invisible force pulling her towards her and she couldn't stop herself even if she wanted to. {5/14/23}
  • Kissing Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
    • Beltane is a sacred holiday honoring fertility traditions. A yearly ceremony takes place at Fort Salem between the witches. It is a longtime tradition that has been happening for many years. First year Cadet Tally Craven has been hoping to pair with a male witch called Gerit since they met at the start of the week. Tally is surprised when instead her and General Sarah Alder get paired by the Reel. Can they get past a mishap in communication and enjoy their Beltane together? {5/14/23}
  • Letting You Go
    • Sarah breaking her own heart and Tally wanting Sarah's heart. {5/16/23}
  • (Meet Me) Under the Mistletoe
    • It started out as a joke, then it turned into a bet and now Tally was close to giving up altogether. Or, Tally takes on a bet to kiss General Sarah Alder under the mistletoe before Christmas and fails. Miserably. But luckily the universe and a certain General have other plans.
  • Message in a Bottle
    • One last piece of General Sarah Alder's estate remained to be distributed after her death, delayed due to such unforeseen circumstances as "the inheritor being a fugitive from justice", and "a war", but it finally finds its way into the rightful hands of one Private Tally Craven. {5/14/23}
  • my heart hums ardently with half-sung hymns to you
    • sarah couldn’t leave if she tried, not if the heavens opened up and swallowed her whole; not if the Mother waged war against the living and claimed her entirely. she’d bite and fight and crawl her way back to tally and that perfect mouth of hers. or tally craven gives sarah alder the universe and all its stars over and over again, asking for nothing but love in return {5/27/23}
  • Nighthawks Meet on Prospect Street
    • Tally Craven’s quick and easy guide to overcoming corporate existentialism. {5/16/23}
  • Office Hours
    • After the war, but Alder is still alive and General. She and Tally grew closer and apparently it takes making out (+ a bit of sex) on Alders desk for them to admit their feelings. {5/16/23}
  • On these holiest of days, my heart beats for you, breaks for you
    • It seemed deeply unfair that Petra got to have the good times, while all Alder had was…nothing. Nothing, because unlike Petra, or Abs, or Raelle and Scylla or even fucking Nicte (she didn’t hate Nicte either, she had to remind herself, it was once again just the vast injustice of it all) Alder was dead. Gone. A presence so vast and all-consuming just gone, blown into the wind like a dandelion which had been blown by a child, leaving a huge gaping void in Tally’s life which was showing no signs of healing any time soon. {5/16/23}
  • Once in A Lifetime
    • For supposedly being one of the finest Knowers in decades, Tally often felt like she knew very little. {5/29/23}
  • Pockets Full of Stones
    • Neither of them participate in the reel, yet per chance they still spend Beltane together {5/16/23}
  • Restlessness
    • Sarah Alder spends another night working late at her office, when she reaches out to her connection with Tally Craven, to find her in an unexpected situation... and decides to help her out. {5/29/23}
  • Running down to the riptide
    • Tally Craven has always had optimal control. {5/16/23}
  • Seeing What's Right In Front Of Me...And That’s You
    • Tally's completely oblivious to her feelings for Alder until the Reel at Beltane brings them together and Tally finally realizes that the feelings she has for her run deeper than friendship/admiration. {5/14/23}
  • Set Life
    • Tally starts a new job as a PA on set, thinking it is a one day gig. Turns out to be for a woman she deeply admires and can't stop staring at. She hopes to impress "The General" enough to stay on for the rest of filming. {5/27/23}
  • Shaking me Right to the Core
    • “I know I’ve taken everything from you, I know it’s selfish of me to sit here and ask you for more, to ask you not to take something from me.” Tally’s finger presses more firmly onto her mouth to keep her from arguing when she tries. “But if you’re willing to give it then please let me have it” She pleads, unashamed. “Don’t go without letting me love you” {5/14/23}
  • Shot from the back
    • A small moment between Alder and Craven after Alder steps down as general. {5/16/23}
  • Stripped of Command
    • As long as Sarah wears her uniform, she’s the General. Calm, collected, stern and above all: oozing dominance over each and every one on base. It’s how everyone knows her and Sarah wouldn’t want it any other way. But Tally knows better than that. As soon as they’re in the bedroom and the uniform comes off, Sarah hands over all her power to Tally who can then do whatever she pleases to her. All Sarah can do in these moments is obey and Tally wouldn’t want it any other way. {5/14/23}
  • Summoned
    • “I summoned you here to talk about your behavior.” Tally freezes, attempting to mentally recount the several recent activities that could bring on that low, scolding tone. The General gives nothing away, her brow cocked upwards as she waits for Tally to speak, perhaps expecting a slew of excuses and apologies, but speaking would be unwise. {5/14/23}
  • Sweet & Bitter Coffee
    • "That hot MILF is back!" Raelle whispered as she entered the staff kitchen. {5/26/23}
  • Ten
    • In which Sarah didn't die in the attack, remained the General, and Tally still dances the line between adoration and disapproval. {5/16/23}
  • The Amazons
    • Sarah Alder is a rock goddess {5/27/23}
  • The best part is in the wanting...
    • On a night out with her friends, Tally meets the enigmatic Sarah Alder... {5/16/23}
  • the faintest flicker of faith
    • Tally is torn between wanting Alder to be good and wanting to be done with Alder for good. Samhain brings the opportunity to find out the answers to her questions once and for all, but the dead have their own agendas for how things should go. {5/27/23}
  • The Origin of the World
    • After the duel in the hangar Tally must have one more conversation {5/14/23}
  • The Red Light District
    • Sarah saves Tally from a precarious situation one night. In return, Tally imparts a lesson or two to Sarah that she won't soon forget. {5/14/23}
  • The Stolen Heart Job
    • Sarah Alder is one of the most notorious and wanted art thieves in the world, only known as "The General" , she's hired to steal the entire "Heart Bearer" painting and sculpture collection within Gerit Buttonwood's high security vault room. Curiosity gets the better of Alder and she convinces her client to meet in person. Sarah finds herself immediately enamoured with the woman sitting across from her in the restaurant; Tally Craven's beauty puts every piece of art Sarah’s ever stolen to shame. How will Alder handle the story behind why Tally desperately needs the art that claims is rightfully hers returned? Will they be able to keep the obvious tension at bay until the job is complete? {5/27/23}
  • There's an Indentation in the Shape of You
    • "Our secret moments in a crowded room. They've got no idea about me and you.There is an indentation in the shape of you, made your mark on me, a golden tattoo." {5/14/23}
  • They Say Don't Open Old Wounds But This Is Still Brand New
    • Just before the mission to find Nicte Batan, Tally storms into General Alder's office, ready to fight to get answers. The fight that plays ends in a way neither expected. {5/27/23}
  • Utter her name
    • Tally using Samhain to try and contact Alder {5/27/23}
  • With Your Permission
    • Tally’s eyes were locked on Alder who held herself to Tally with one strong arm around her neck and was gazing up at her with that arrogant smirk of hers.
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