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Character list for ZGZ (追光者/Zhui Guang Zhe/Those Who Seek Light) / CN characters are in traditional.

Ongoing list, characters and icons to be added later


“At first glance, Jing Qingqi was a sweet and mild girl. But beneath that darling demeanor was a trickster, a teasing and yet reliable older sister with no care for formalities. It’s no wonder people always sought her out for advice.”

  • Date of birth: December 17
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Age: at least over 75+ years old, but appeared around 25-27 years old. Deceased
  • Element: Earth
  • Associated sect: Sanyuan Peak (head of the medical faction in the Sect)

Notable Characteristics:

  • Large, round eyes, usually with some sort of mischief in them
  • Flower themed hair accessories that kept her hair into two buns at the side of her head
  • A slight smell of herbal medicine
  • Very independent, very energetic – she’s always going from one place to another if she isn’t busy making medicine
  • She has a mole on left wrist
  • She's particularly close to Zhilan
  • She is the third youngest of her siblings

Key images:

  • peonies
  • I Ching hexagrams
  • the moment when the sun starts to set


  • Butterfly Knives (hudie shuangdao): Wen Qu/文曲 and Wen Chang/文昌
  • Sword: Youbi/右弼
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