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Character list for ZGZ (追光者/Zhui Guang Zhe/Those Who Seek Light) / CN characters are in traditional.

Ongoing list, characters and icons to be added later


“Jing Chenxi was a selfless person, always willing to help others out. His fatal flaw was that he never knew how to say no.”

  • Date of birth: July 7
  • Height: 173 cm
  • Age: At least 150+ years old, but appears to be around 26-28 years old
  • Element: Metal
  • Associated sect: Sanyuan Peak(past), Hanshuang Fengxue (post canon)

Notable characteristics (currently):

  • Peach blossom shaped eyes
  • His eyes are a bright amber, somewhat like honey, could be mistaken as gold-like in certain lighting
  • A very nice looking face, although more pretty than handsome. Easy on the eyes.
  • High ponytail, but no accessories in his hair. There are a few small braids that a...
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“Xue Muhan, the loyal member of the Canglong Yu sect – or so it seemed. Perhaps he was not as loyal as one might think. In his own time, he went about the cultivation world helping others, destroying others, without the approval of Canglong Yu. Xue Muhan, he acted like a free soul, free and unrestrained. But, who would know, that he was far from freedom."

  • Date of birth: August 10
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Age: At least over 100+ years old, but appears to be around 25-27 years old
  • Element: Fire
  • Associated sect: Canglong Sect

Notable Characteristics:

  • Phoenix eyes, with a hint of purple in them
  • Sharp, strong jawline
  • Long, wild and loose maroon hair
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“At first glance, Jing Qingqi was a sweet and mild girl. But beneath that darling demeanor was a trickster, a teasing and yet reliable older sister with no care for formalities. It’s no wonder people always sought her out for advice.”

  • Date of birth: December 17
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Age: at least over 75+ years old, but appeared around 25-27 years old. Deceased
  • Element: Earth
  • Associated sect: Sanyuan Peak (head of the medical faction in the Sect)

Notable Characteristics:

  • Large, round eyes, usually with some sort of mischief in them
  • Flower themed hair accessories that kept her hair into two buns at the side of her head
  • A slight smell of herbal medicine
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"“A-Ming could act however and as whoever you wanted. From cute to coolheaded, from crybaby to flirty, they really could become anyone. But it was only with Jing Chenxi could they truly be themselves.”

  • Date of Birth: November 20 (technically not their actual date of birth, but they made this their birthdate as it was the day Chenxi decided to make them his disciple)
  • Height: 160 cm, 179 cm (adult)
  • Age: around 15 (currently)
  • Element: Water
  • Associated sect: Hanshuang Fengxue (post canon)

Notable Characteristics:

  • Androgynous, though their face leans a little more masculine
  • Rather plain, not ugly or beautiful, just...
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“If Jing Xinyue wanted to be gentle, then he would be the most gentle person. If he wanted to be ruthless and vicious, then he would be the most ruthless and vicious person.”

  • Date of birth: November 3
  • Height:168 cm
  • Age: at least over 85+ years old, but appeared to be around 30 years old. Deceased (supposedly)
  • Element: Water
  • Associated sect: Sanyuan Peak (as sect leader)

Notable characteristics:

  • Blind, with white eyes. Usually keeps them closed. Xinyue can sense light to a degree. He’s unable to see anything else, though.
  • A gentle and carefree smile, similar to Chenxi's smile although softer. Usually it...
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“Jing Zhilan had the ability to draw attention to himself the moment he stepped into the room, with his charming smile and bright eyes. His beauty was ethereal, but not fragile, capturing the hearts of everyone. Jing Zhilan was truly, always, the most beautiful.”

  • Date of birth: March 15
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Age: at least over 75+ years old, but appeared around 25-27 years old. Deceased
  • Element: Wood and earth
  • Associated sect: Sanyuan Peak, was also known as Zhengqing-Jun (正清君)

Notable characteristics:

  • Somewhat unruly hair, despite him brushing it often, much to his disappointment. It's tied in a ponytail with a lilac hair ribbon that has crimson beads threaded at the ends
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“There was always a lingering air of regret that followed Lin Wanyi, as if there was some kind of painful memory he couldn’t bear to let go.”

  • Date of birth: January 14
  • Height: 169 cm (disciple), 186 cm (adult)
  • Age: at least 100+ years old, but appears to be around 24-26 years old
  • Element: Water and wood
  • Associated sect: Sanyuan Peak(past), Hanshuang Fengxue(as sect leader)

Notable Characteristics (currently):

  • Undoubtedly handsome, even with his constant gloomy demeanor
  • Heterochromia, one eye is silver while the other one is black
  • Almond shaped eyes and full brows
  • Has a beauty mark below his lip
  • Long naturally wavy hair with an unruly s...
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"“A frigid lady, that was what Jing Yuyan was. Cold, strict, and unrelenting – Sanyuan Jing’s frightening general. And yet, it was rumoured that her smile was the most beautiful. Alas, it’s said to be only reserved for family.”

  • Date of birth: April 6
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Age: at least over 85+ years old, but appeared to be around 29-30 years old. Deceased
  • Element: Fire
  • Associated sect: Sanyuan Peak(as second in command)

Notable characteristics:

  • A frigid and cold, almost expressionless
  • Striking eyes that seem like they can look straight into your soul
  • A strong, unhesitating, and commanding voice.
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