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Character list for ZGZ (追光者/Zhui Guang Zhe/Those Who Seek Light) / CN characters are in traditional.

Ongoing list, characters and icons to be added later


"“A frigid lady, that was what Jing Yuyan was. Cold, strict, and unrelenting – Sanyuan Jing’s frightening general. And yet, it was rumoured that her smile was the most beautiful. Alas, it’s said to be only reserved for family.”

  • Date of birth: April 6
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Age: at least over 85+ years old, but appeared to be around 29-30 years old. Deceased
  • Element: Fire
  • Associated sect: Sanyuan Peak(as second in command)

Notable characteristics:

  • A frigid and cold, almost expressionless
  • Striking eyes that seem like they can look straight into your soul
  • A strong, unhesitating, and commanding voice.
  • Despite seeming cold on the outside, she can become very passionate and a bit impulsive
  • When she smiles, her entire demeanor softens, her aura becomes warm and sweet. She has the most wonderful smile
  • She has a mole on her right breast
  • When she gets embarrassed, her entire face turns red
  • All her siblings like to tease her. Xinyue in particular always says she's the cutest out of them all
  • She is the second oldest of her siblings

Key images:

  • azaleas
  • the Vermilion Phoenix


  • Sword: Tianyue/天鉞
  • Saber: Huaquan/化權
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