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Character list for ZGZ (追光者/Zhui Guang Zhe/Those Who Seek Light) / CN characters are in traditional.

Ongoing list, characters and icons to be added later


“Jing Zhilan had the ability to draw attention to himself the moment he stepped into the room, with his charming smile and bright eyes. His beauty was ethereal, but not fragile, capturing the hearts of everyone. Jing Zhilan was truly, always, the most beautiful.”

  • Date of birth: March 15
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Age: at least over 75+ years old, but appeared around 25-27 years old. Deceased
  • Element: Wood and earth
  • Associated sect: Sanyuan Peak, was also known as Zhengqing-Jun (正清君)

Notable characteristics:

  • Somewhat unruly hair, despite him brushing it often, much to his disappointment. It's tied in a ponytail with a lilac hair ribbon that has crimson beads threaded at the ends
  • Glittering, dangling red jewel earrings
  • Red eyeliner make up, almost always applied
  • Broad shoulders and tiny waist
  • A slender, almost feminine facial shape
  • Almost always cheerful, very optimistic and rarely ever mad
  • Merciful and compassionate, even though he's the second youngest, he often acts like the oldest in the family
  • He has a mole to the left on his lower back
  • He is the second youngest of his siblings

Key images:

  • orchids
  • The Heavenly Beam, the Blessing Star
  • assigned animal is the rabbit


  • Spear(yanyuedao): Tianliang/天梁
  • Sword: Zuofu/左輔 (currently in Xue Muhan's possession)
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