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  • kwon boa"who is the dancer that boa acknowledges?" "EXO's kai. i think he has really good control over the power of his moves between soft and strong."
  • park kahi ▹ "(kai) is really good at dancing. he has a lot of 'feel' when he dances. i like kai the most-- actually, my english name is also 'kai'. in korean, i write it as k-a-h-i. but in english, it's just k-a-i. but then kai just came out suddenly. 'oh my god' and he's really good at dancing, 'oh my god!'"
  • yoon se ah ▹ "just when they started dancing, there's one person out of the rest that caught my attention. i seriously can't see anyone but him. i am talking about EXO-K's kai. i think he's really cool..."
  • block b's b-bomb ▹ "kai is handsome too."
  • block b's yukwon ▹ "since i like dancing... you know, the member called kai right? he really dances like a monster, so..." "alright then let me ask you. u-kwon, kai... "i think i probably dance better than hi...
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