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  • Snowbelle / Glorious
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  • House Tyrell
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  • Feminist & Non-Conformist
  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl
  • Pursuer of True Love & Soulmates
  • Ethereal & Ready To Fite
feb 10 2016 ∞
sep 15 2018 +
user picture Venus: (Because I message people awesome stuff? XD) It's cool that James Potter is you on paper! :D I've been told more than once that I'm like a female version of Sirius??? I'm not sure if that's true or not, but whatever! feb 14 2016
user picture Glorious: I get a lot of Harry, too. And if you've read Narnia, Peter Pevensie. I get some girls, too, but they're usually older-sibling, strict leader types (Prue Halliwell, Princess Jasmine, etc.) Whenever I mention a boy, my friends laugh and say I must be projecting :P Sirius is badass! Sirius 'till the end. It's nice that you're compared to him, he had real mental fortitude, didn't he? feb 20 2016
user picture Venus: I've read some of Narnia, but not all of it! It's on my to-do list for one of these days, though! Anyway yeah, I'd say Sirius was pretty cool, but I've always preferred James. I wish that I was compared to him instead, but oh well ^_^ feb 22 2016
user picture Glorious: Haha, I used to be that way about Sirius for years! I guess you kinda grow into it? Accepting your Harry Potter character is practically a rite of passage for our generation. feb 24 2016
user picture monday: You seem very cool, not at all creepy! :D mar 27 2018
user picture Glorious: Merci. Pfft, what is this etiquette of which people speak. apr 4 2018