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All of my 2017 lists are in "Ongoing".

Details about me are in the lists. Gave up blogging years ago, loving this medium.

Some of the icons I use are of actress Alicia Witt and were made by Flannel-Girl and Blevcons, posts from Insanejournal. The rest are from WeHeartIt and Livejournal.

Tiny Dreaming Panda follows:
Jess Music (Bands I've seen)
Music (Upcoming Concerts)
emily television (with a special place in my heart)
Venus books (Books Make Me Cry)
relationships (What I'd Do on My Dream Date)
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  • Pretty Little Liars - With Nicole
    • Season 6
  • DN Angel
  • Gossip Girl
  • Game of Thrones - With Mom
  • Grace and Frankie
    • Season 4


  • Death Note
  • Frankenstein, MD
  • The Autobiography of Jane Eyre
  • The Wallflower - With Jeremiah
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