• The premise of laser therapy is that it uses light energy to excite cells within the tissue to stimulate healing by increasing cellular activity and increasing circulation. I have performed laser therapy before and saw some results but not consistently. There are many other treatments that I do that yielded much better results.
  • Laser Therapy uses red and infrared light for the relief of pain, to accelerate healing and decrease inflammation. When the light source is placed against the skin, the photons penetrate several centimeters and get absorbed by the mitochondria, the energy producing part of a cell. This energy fuels many positive physiological responses resulting in the restoration of normal cell morphology and function.
  • Cryotherapy (also called cryosurgery) is the application of extreme cold to destro...
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1 Anderson, Fred S. 6 Tall 51 Overweight2 Canlas, Luis G. 5.5 Tall 42 Lightweight3 Cavill, Henry W. 4.8 Short 46 Lightweight4 Colley, Bret E. 5.8 Tall 49 Lightweight5 Cooper, Bradley I. 5.4 Tall 40 Lightweight6 Dean, James F. 5.8 Tall 62 Overweight7 Dela Cruz, Annie T. 5.9 Tall 40 Lightweight8 Flores, Roxette Janis R. 6.1 Tall 42 Lightweight9 Fragante Jomel A. 6 Tall 60 Overweight10 Gong, Kiefer T. 4.7 Short 64 Overweight11 Gosling, Ryan F. 4.4 Short 40 Lightweight12 Green, Katrina K. 5.2 Tall 43 Lightweight13 Hagstrom, Anthony Eric D. 5.8 Tall 59 Overweight14 Jenner, Kris T. 4.6 Short 60 Overweight15 Kardashian , Rob N. 6.1 Tall 60 Overweight16 Kardashian, Kim N. 6.2 Tall 63 Overweight17 Kardshian, Khloey N. 4.8 Short 64 Overweight18 Perry, Katy M. 5.4 Tall 50 Lightweight19 Santiago, Timmy T. 5.2 Tall 49 Lig...

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  • Review for Zoology
  • Review for statistics
  • Pass the manual for Physics
  • Get Carl's handouts
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  • Big Fox - Grow up
  • Fiona Apple - Valentine
  • Obedear - Purity Ring
  • Grimes - Vanessa (new version)
  • Good Worker - Iamamwhoami
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  • I'm a pretty huge perfectionist, I won't give up unless I am satisfied with my work.
  • I criticize rationally. .. .you can call me as a rational deist
  • I don't believe hearsay, fore ninety-nine point eight percent of what tends to flow from the human face is sheer dishonesty.
  • I take a lot of creamer and sugar with my coffee. I enjoy getting lost in a good book and often become oblivious to my surroundings.
  • I've never met a stranger, I suppose I have a very inviting facial expression, but I am alright with that.
  • I have a passion for art and photography.
  • I choose not to take credit for any of my work, whether it would be a daily good deed, or a simple every day quality for th...
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  • Grimes
  • Fiona Apple
  • Lykke Li
  • Simian Ghost
  • Feist
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FIGURE OF SPEECH : A mode of expression in which words are used out of their literal meaning or out of their ordinary use in order to add beauty or emotional intensity or to transfer the poet's sense impressions by comparing or identifying one thing with another that has a meaning familiar to the reader. Some important figures of speech are: simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole and symbol. SIMILE: A figure of speech in which an explicit comparison is made between two essentially unlike things, usually using like, as or than, as in Burns', "O, my luve's like A Red, Red Rose" or Shelley's "As still as a brooding dove," in The Cloud. Sidelight: Similes in which the parallel is developed and extended beyond the initial comparison, often being sustained through several lines, are called epic or Homeric similes, since

METAPHOR: A figure of speech in which a...

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  • Excel in all subjects
  • Never to resort in mediocrity
  • Graduate as a PT.
  • Top the local board exams
  • Get a high score in the USPT exams, enough to at least be in the circle ten
  • Maybe, lessen being too self-conscious
  • Be snobbish as possible
  • Be mindset
  • Keep it classy never thrashy
  • Never to waking up late
  • Never to argue with teachers
  • Get the positive view on everything
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  • Chernobyl Disaster.
  • The Outsiders.
  • A Walk to Remember.
  • Daddy long legs.
  • Greygallows.
  • Black Rainbow.
  • Wait for what will come.
  • Vampire Plagues.
  • Wormwood Forest.
  • Of Mice and Men.
  • Prep.
  • Flip.
  • The Orphaned Anythings: Memoir of a Lessor Known.
  • The Green Mile.
  • I Have Lived A Thousand Years.
  • Torn Thread.
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  • replace this text with your list
  • begin each item with an asterisk
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  • Act innocent
  • Pretend like never heard something
  • Think of them as inferior being
  • Think that people forget pretty easily
  • Go easy on myself
  • Get Roxy's view
  • It's okay everything's fine
  • To never do it again next time- the learning in everything
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  • learn how to play harp
  • learn British accent ( Manchester )
  • be an author in the future
  • read at least 20,000 books and novels
  • tour with close friends and family
  • own a private island
  • ride at London's eye
  • learn how to cook like french
  • be a music video director
  • live in new york
  • find freedom
  • go on a wild party
  • kiss my asshole. .can't reach it!
  • put-on a business with my close friends
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